Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad

TV Tokyo (ended 2005)


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  • Fantastic show. A must for all fans of rock music and animation

    If you know me personally, you'll know that I'm not a big fan of japanese anime, but this is the best new TV show I've seen since "Game of Thrones".
  • The series plays like a typical shonen, with some festivals, rivals, and romance. If you like sports anime or garage bands, this is a good one to throw into your rental queue and to watch through in each language version.

    Koyuki is an outcast junior high student, but one day he helps save the dog of a guitarist named Ryusuke Minami. After getting to know Ryusuke and learning there's a whole world of rock music besides a single pop idol, Koyuki gets inspired and learns to play guitar, while Ryusuke attempts to build the ultimate rock band and make it in the music world.

    This series reminded me a lot of Kacho Oji (Legend of Black Heaven) in its slice-of-life music based theme, but without the old school space alien war idea that Macross made famous. It's also from the perspective of a teenager instead of a thirty-something businessman. Much more effort was put into the music and animation compared to that series, with realistic guitar styles, references to rock legends (Beatles, Hendrix, Stones), and animated playing. The songs are catchy and the show features a decent variety of music. It's funny to watch this in a bustling city; the vehicles honking outside even add to the ambience.

    I bought this series before viewing it since I needed something to watch on my extended vacation from the Internet. The box set contains four discs on two leaflets with the video being standard 4:3 screen presentation with hardly any extras worth mentioning.

    I have to warn parents and teachers that this series has a ton of swearing including the F-word, regardless of dub, and some mild sexual situations. The Japanese dub also has quite a bit of English in songs and dialogue, given that Ryusuke and Maho supposedly grew up in America. Well, it's more like Engrish. If that bothers you, consider the Funimation dub where Greg Ayres (Koyuki) finally gets a chance to sing decently, and Brina Palencia (Maho) also does well.

    The directing style takes getting used to. Sometimes the music would play, but nothing would be happening on the screen, or the characters would have a window conversation (we don't hear what they say). It's also difficult to tell the differences among the music quality. When they say the bassist is the strong link of a certain band, or that they still need more practice, you just have to take their word on it.
  • Teenager Yukio "Koyuki" Tanaka has a boring life until he saves Ryusuke Minami's strange dog, Beck, from kids that were picking on it. Ryusuke gives Koyuki a guitar and he learns to play. He later forms a hit band with him. But there's trouble.

    This is a great anime. It's cool watching Koyuki grow up and play in the band with Ryusuke, Chiba, Taira, and Saku. and more importantly with Koyuki's relationship with Ryusuke's sister, Maho. It's really interesting the problems they face when trying to become a great rock band. Of course the best part is their music. Both the Japanese and English versions rock!! I've listened to the songs over and over again and I have yet to tire of them. Greg Ayres' voice is just wonderful for Koyuki. I really wish they would make another season of this awesome show because it gets even better in the manga after where the anime ends!
  • Great

    It's about a teenager named Yukio Tanaka also known as Koyuki who has a dream of becoming the greatest guitarist and then meets a dog on the street named beck and so then Yukio meets a bunch of Americans and they form a band called Mongolian Squad. This is a great anime I one time it and I liked it so interisting seeing a Japanese kid becoming a rock star with American people though I haven't seen the English dub yet I heard it's a lot better cause they have all characters speaking English for those of you who like music and anime this is the show for you.
  • okay this anime is awesome thats all i have to say its awesome cant get over it and if you know any other anime like this(e.g. music anime) if you know what i mean please tell me thanks!

    i LOVE this show it has got to be the best anime TV show i have ever seen in my life it even beats pokemon you cant get a better anime than this if you have any problems with what im sayin to badd suck it in its my review not yours LOL. but seriously if you havent seen it watch it it is a great twist between love, music and normal life situation as a kid, he falls in love with the the lead guitarists sister the lead guitarist in the same band as yukio is in is named ryuskai if thats how you spell it he kicks but at guitar he is a shredder. as soon as i saw the last ep of this mad anime i was like NOOOOOO i want more PLEASE LOL. and after i saw the last ep i decided to start playing guitar thanks for readin guys i relly think you should check it out.

    first ep-
  • Plain good, for those who like music and have apreciantion for it.

    The start:
    Very inmersive, its hard to describe, you just get attached to it.

    The developt:
    Keeps in the same track of a good drama about the band, something that you might not like is that they always show the music just halved, but you might not mind while you are waiting for more dramatics twist.

    The ending:
    It is great, just the right ending in the right way, even if they resume what it could have been a second season in less than 10 min.

    I would like to say yes, but nope, just if you like music, drama, and you dont mind watching an anime with almost no action.
  • beck is about a normal kid trying to be a great musican hes goal is to impress an upperclassman whos impressed by ry's awsome guitar skills with bullys punks jerks debt how can kyuki do it all.

    i found beck when i saw the theme song for the video game i immdeatly fell in love with the music. there are million of ppl who guest star from jimmi hedrix to the pillows(heros?).
    its so cutting edge cause it just warps your mind around music not blood drama or some compilcated magic science just music. itll blow your mind with its great music from the beat crusaders who also do the theme song.
    alothough its only 26 episodes its worth to enjoy every second.
    its a must see for anime fans and music fans even if your none of those plz try it.
    so please go watch beck and enjoy.
  • about a boy and his journey through the musical world with his band beck.

    the main charcter is basically incompetant and not very sure of life untill he meets beck(a dog) and his owner. he finds new meaning in life through music and his journey begins. he also goes through life situations where he deals with love and the adult life.

    this is by far my favourate anime and show. the characters the love and the realistic view to life is refreshing. it does sound empotance/uninteresting primarely but it really grows on you and the musical aspect is very impressive in itself. i would recommend this to anyone and everyone. i push you to try it.
  • This show is one of the greatest shows i've seen all time the music through out this show will draw you in for more and more it personel made me want to pick up a guitar and start playing its that damn good

    This show is one of the greatest shows i've seen all time not only will the story of the main character trying to make his dreams come true but the music through out this show will draw you in for more and more as the story progressed; this is one of the best show in it's genre. This is a must have in my opinion it even made me want to start playing the guitar and getting into music. I give this show a BIG 9.5 out of 10
  • Anime following a band's life in the music scene. Engaging sub plots which are no fillers.

    This is a really smart and funny anime. The most realistic story line yet. The sub plots are really good and every scene is something to remember. Lots of good music in the show and good music influences overall. The characters have very interesting personalities which make them so dynamic in the plot. The animation may seem sub par at first look but when you thin about it all the character emotions are realistic and don't use the usual "anime" expresions. The main plot itself is very original and sincere. This show is a really good watch but you may miss a lot on the dubbed version so get your reading glasses and watch the subbed version.
  • Music can change the world, and it will change you. Rock and Roll anime, what could be better

    If you like music and you like anime then this is the programme for you.
    It is a story of how music can change people and the world. Now that sounds soppy but the music ROCKS.

    It has a little bit of everything, love, violence, comedy and a really cool story line.
    The series follows a 14 year old called Yukio Tanaka, nicknamed Koyuki. A middle schooler who listens to teen pop. He changes into a confident singer and guitarist for his band Beck. This transformation takes place over two years and through the meeting of every sort of person.

    Don’t let my sucky writing discourage you from watching this totally rad anime, you wont regret it
  • Rock... Underground... Anime... And more Rock! That's the formula. ^_^

    This anime shows the story of some japanese guys trying to have some recognition going through the underground world of Music.
    Playing at Pubs, having Lives and even taking part on big Music Festivals.
    Using many different ways, trying to achieve theyr goals, some of them play Rock, others Pop, and even Heavy Metal and Blues...
    It's a good request for the ones who like many kinds of Music styles...
    Giving eminence to Rock styles...
    Like Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Doors, Nirvana Pearl Jam and some good Blues guitars...
  • If you like music and storyline and want a break from the overplayed bloodshed scenario, this anime is for you.

    Beck is about a kid, who is a dork. Seriously, the kid has like one friend and hangs out in arcades all day. He goes from being this meaningless blip in society to being an internationally reknown guitarist and vocalist.

    He turns into a badass, so to speak.

    Along the way he encounters many akward and new situations, things he has never had to deal with before. If you've ever gone through things similar to what he's gone through, you'll immediatly connect with this anime.

    Beck relys heavily on this connection with it's viewers, so if you do not make the connection, you will probably not like the anime. It's not the standard slasher series, and focuses much on the viewers emotion.

    So if you like music and storyline and want a break from the overplayed bloodshed scenario, this anime is for you.
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