Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad

Season 1 Episode 4

Strum the Guitar

Aired Unknown Oct 27, 2004 on TV Tokyo

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  • Another must watch. Lots of stuff happen.

    This episode is full of things that build the plot. It is really well done, not a single scene did not connect or add to what has already happened. It features some awesome music especially the Taira's bass playing. Follow Me is also one my favorite songs. Once again has a lot of good music references and influences. Koyuki breaking the guitar really puts some tension on the story. Then you are also wondering if Taira would join the band or will Eiji get him. You learn more about Saito's life and now that he has become Koyuki's teacher you get to start thinking that Koyuki may have a bigger role in the music stuff that is going on. Good episode overall.