Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad

Season 1 Episode 1

The Scenery of a 14 Year Old

Aired Unknown Oct 06, 2004 on TV Tokyo

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  • The opening episode for the series. Introduces Koyuki and shows his character a bit.

    A very good way to open up a great show. This really builds some interest for new viewers through interesting scenes,music, and humour. This gives a little preview of Koyuki's life before the big changes to come. The wacky character of Tanabe and Ryuusuke's mysteriousness really get you interested even though not much happens yet. You get a glimpse of the very unique personalities of the characters which makes you want to see more. The little encounter with the foreigners was also good and gives the audience a laugh at the drunkeness and stupidity of the stereotypical gangster wannabes. This episode lets you know there are good things to come and hooks you to watch even more.