Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad

Season 1 Episode 2

Live House


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Koyuki and Izumi arrive at Ryuusuke's house, where they meet Beck and Ryuusuke. As Izumi and Ryuusuke talk over music, Koyuki can't help but feel left out due to his inexperience with most of the music that they talk about. Koyuki's invited to see Ryuusuke's band, Serial Mama, play live with Izumi and Kayo. Serial Mama is on edge with a talent agent in the crowd, and technical difficulties don't help them at all. Koyuki meets Ryuusuke's sister Maho, who doesn't make a very good first impression. Serial Mama effectively breaks up and the clashing guitarists Eiji and Ryuusuke claim that they will make the best band without the help of the other.moreless
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