Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad

Season 1 Episode 3

Moon on the Water

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Ryuusuke starts immersing Koyuki in the rock music world. Ryuusuke puts Maho and Koyuki together for a dinner date, though the ability of Maho's friends to speak English makes Koyuki feel left out and he opts to leave early. Both head to Ryuusuke's house and end up sharing a moment while singing a Dying Breed song. Could this moment be the start of a relationship between the two? In the meanwhile, Ryuusuke tries to recruit a talented bassist, Taira, to join his new band. Koyuki looks into a new hobby, swimming. As the eccentric teacher Saitou agrees to teach him swimming lessons after beating him in a handicapped race, thanks to Izumi's "help". During a visit to Ryuusuke's place, Koyuki is given a guitar to practice with as a gift.moreless
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