Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad

Season 1 Episode 4

Strum the Guitar


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Ryuusuke's still on the lookout for recruits for his new band, and Chiba and Koyuki could be the new vocalists. Koyuki works hard on his skills with his new guitar. Koyuki trips on the walkway over a street and drops his guitar, which the neck is promptly destroyed by an oncoming truck. Koyuki confronts Ryuusuke with the bad news and is angrily kicked out of Ryuusuke's house. Koyuki runs into Saitou and shows him the broken guitar and tells him of the shattered friendship as a result. He offers to have it repaired by a friend along with giving him lessons in exchange for working for him. Koyuki has his first lesson with Saitou, learning of his fanatical devotion to English Rock and a particular band called Rocket Boys, to which is bird also has an affection towards them.moreless
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