Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad

Season 1 Episode 11

Summer Holidays


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The summer holidays begin and the band members are all working to support their band's expenses. News of DyBre coming to town reaches and all of the band members are excited. The following day Koyuki goes on a date with Maho and share a special moment afterwards. We also get to see Belle Ame, Eiji's new band, for the first time having lots of success, considering their number of fans. Beck play another live this time with increased fans but because they were really there to see Eddie from DyBre. While the crowd was all caught up on the DyBre members, Ryuusuke tells the band to skip to FACE, which gets the crowds attention. After the show Eddie asks Ryuusuke to bring the band to watch DyBre's secret show.moreless
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