Season 3 Episode 15

2001 1/2: A Graduation Odyssey

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 2001 on CBS

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  • John is offered the opportunity to make a graduation speech to a high school.

    At the office, Margaret is yelling at Linda, who seems reluctant to come out to talk to her. Linda says that she's been studying since she decided to go back to school. John comes in complaining about his apartment, his neighbors, and his breakfast. When Margaret tells John he's got a patient which he doesn't like, he asks her to come in in two minutes to interrupt them, so he can get out of it. When John goes in to see his patient, the man tells John he'd like him to speak to the class, which is a welcomed surprise. When Margaret comes in to interrupt them, John tells her leave him along, since he's busy.

    At the diner, Reggie is wiping down the counter when Jake comes in, happy about his little haircut. John comes in and asks for coffee and to be left alone. John tells Reggie and Jake about being the commencement speech he's going to be giving, but they don't seem quite as interested as John would like. Bob comes in happy about taking money from someone in Atlantic City.

    Back at the office, John tries to talk to Margaret and Linda about the speech he's working on, but like Reggie and Jake, they aren't all that interested. When John leaves, Margaret gives Linda a quiz for her upcoming exam.

    Back at the diner, Reggie is talking to Jake about possibly getting a haircut, but is unsure about what to do with it. John stands up and says he's going to test his speech on the two of them and get their opinion. Bob comes in with a fancy, new watch, interrupting John. John starts his speech all over again, but everyone criticizes the speech, as it's a very typical graduation speech.

    In his private office, John's working on his speech. Margaret comes in and tells him he's got a patient in the other room. When John goes in to see the patient, Chuck, John finds Linda working on Chuck's nails.

    Back at the diner, John comes in to give a speech, but they're not interested in listening. Linda comes running in, happy about passing her class, something everyone seems to be more interested in. This really frustrates John.

    When John goes to the high school, he's a little frustrated when he realizes how few people are graduating, and the ones who are, aren't very smart. John proceeds to go on a rant, telling people how terrible life is. Reggie, Bob, Linda, Margaret, and Jake come down, too late to see it. One of the students comes running out and comments on how great his speech was, and loved how honest he was.

    This wasn't my favorite episode, and I thought that John's rant could have been a little longer.