Season 6 Episode 9

A First Class Flight

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 17, 2003 on CBS

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  • John gets invited to a medical conference and doesn't want to take Chris with him.

    Linda walks into the office with a nose ring and Margaret tells her to take it out. John comes in and tells Linda to take out the nose ring as well. John and Margaret make their way over to the kitchen area when John opens a letter. It seems a medical group is asking John to speak, so they've given him first class tickets, something he's never had. Linda tries to put on a sweater, but since she's still wearing her nose ring, the sweater gets caught in the nose ring.

    At the diner, Hector reads a story from a paper about people who survived at sea by eating one another. John comes in and gives everyone the great news about the medical conference. Everyone seems to be excited, but Chris gets bummed out when John doesn't invite her, since he's only got one first class ticket. This bums out everyone else of course.

    John's replacement doctor comes in, and Margaret doesn't have a good feeling about the man. Margaret tells John about her concerns, but John doesn't think there's anything to worry about.

    John walks onto the airplane, and is annoyed by the babies crying in coach, so when he gets to the first class area, he's amazed at how great everything is. An attractive woman comes in and it seems she knows who John is, because they're both going to the medical convention. She joins him by sitting in the window seat.

    At the diner, Chris is complaining to Jake and Hector about John. John's replacement doctor comes in and hears about the complaints. He compliments her and then tells her that one of her ears is lower than the other.

    Back on the plane, John and the woman are getting friendly. When the sound of a baby's cry is overheard, John asks a woman to close the curtain.

    At the office, the replacement doctor offers Margaret a significant sum of money to work for him at his practice.

    Back at the diner, Chris and the replacement doctor chat a bit about John.

    John is in his hotel room when the woman from the plane stops by. He tells her that he's working on his speech, so she offers to listen to him. They sit down and John reads some of his speech, and then she interrupts him and tells him to finish it later, as she would rather do something else...

    Back at the diner, Linda finds out about how much money Margaret was offered by the replacement doctor. When Linda and Margaret leave, Jake and Chris talk about John, who walks in and he tells Chris about the trip. He even brought a coffee mug from MGM, but Chris drops it on the floor intentionally. When Chris chews John, he fires back by telling her about the woman who offered to have sex with him, but he turned her down. When they get into a bigger argument, Jake gets up and helps them straighten things out.

    Part of this plot was done before, they simply added Chris to the plot since she's a cast member now. I really didn't like the way things went. The story and comedy were both below average.