Season 6 Episode 3

A Little Ho-mance

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2003 on CBS

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  • Jake loses his grandmother.

    At home, John's eating pizza with Chris, and John complains to her about the way she's eating it, with a knife and fork. John then kisses Chris and makes another move which makes her think he wants to have sex, so she puts the brakes on. She tells him that he's not romantic, which frustrates John, and Chris leaves.

    At the diner, Jake asks Chris to watch over his stand while he goes out to see his grandmother, who's been pretty happy recently according to Jake. When Jake leaves, Hector walks over to the counter and tells Chris and Linda that the reason he thinks Jake's grandmother is happy is she's having sex with someone at the nursing home. Chris thinks it's sweet, but Linda thinks it's gross. John comes in for breakfast, and when Chris mentions what happened last night, Linda gets interested, but John tells her to leave him alone. John asks Chris if she wants to go out on Friday, but Chris gets upset because he didn't call her. John walks outside and calls Chris to ask her out, so she agrees.

    John comes into the office and complains to Margaret about him and Chris, but Margaret refuses to listen. John walks into his office and asks Linda for advice. She compliments him, and John realizes Linda's up for salary review next week, so she's sucking up to him for that reason, not for any other.

    At the diner, Hector tells Chris that he's depressed because he's not so good with the ladies and he's got fifty or sixty years of rejection left. John comes in and tells them that he was called by the nursing home Jake's grandmother stays at. It seems she died of a heart attack while having sex. Hector wonders if Jake's heard about it. Jake walks in and is whistling and having a good day. It's obvious he hasn't heard about it.

    A few minutes later, they sit Jake down and tell him, which he doesn't seem to quite understand.

    At the office, John complains to Margaret about seafood and Chris, as she wants John to take her out to a new seafood restaurant. Margaret's tired of listening to him, and the leaves for the funeral. Linda doesn't want to go because funerals gross her out.

    At the nursing home, John is trying to convince Chris of not ordering lobster later on. Margaret is sitting down when an elderly man. John, Chris, and Jake sit down at a table. A man comes up to Jake and tells him he was with her when she died. It seems they really loved one another which makes Jake feel good. Two other men and even a woman come up to Jake and tell him similar things which makes Jake think his grandmother slept with a lot of people. Also, Margaret threatens the man who was hitting on her.

    Home now, John calls Chris and asks her to come down to the fire escape. Outside, John's joined by Chris, who just got out of bed. Chris is really moved that John went to the trouble of candles and wine, but since she just got out of bed, she's not in the mood, so they plan on doing it again some other time.

    It seems that Chris is getting too picky and wants everything to be perfect with her date with John, and I find it annoying to watch. I loved the scene where Jake learns about how his grandmother slept with several people - it was handled very well, and it was simply hilarious.