Season 1 Episode 15

Activate Your Choices

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 01, 1999 on CBS

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  • John is called "angry man" in his ex-wife's new book, which ticks him off.

    Jake and Reggie are sitting around the diner with the TV on. There's a morning news show which Reggie has been watching. Now Bob comes in to see Reggie. John follows a minute later and asks for an omelet, but Reggie is busy watching TV. There's a psychologist with a new book, and Reggie wants to watch it instead of serve him food. John's frustrated with the whole thing and can't believe Reggie is watching some stupid psychologist on TV. The woman has a character in her book called "Angry Man", and it turns out that she's John's ex-wife.

    At the office, Margaret is trying to ask a Chinese woman if she has insurance, but Margaret can't speak Mandarin, but Linda does, much to the surprise to Margaret. John walks in and demands that Margaret call his lawyer, but since he quit, he doesn't have a lawyer to sue his ex-wife.

    John walks in to see a young patient who is suffering from stomach pains according to her nervous and anxious mother. John says he'll run some tests and re-examine him. Linda is outside the office reading John's ex-wife's book, so John grabs it and tosses it in the trash.

    At the diner, Reggie and John are reading the book, when John comes in to to hear more about the book.

    John decides to drop by his ex-wife's place to complain about the book. She has two lawyers with her, so they ask them to leave so they can chat. After they leave, she seems to think that John didn't come there to talk, but to have sex, so she starts flirting, but John stops it and tells her that he's changed.

    As John walks into the office, Margaret calls him "angry man". According to her, the book is incredibly accurate about him.

    John goes into his office to chat with Javier about his stomach, but he asks his mother to leave. John knows that he's not sick, so Javier tells him what's going on. A gang wants him to join, but he doesn't want to so by faking a stomach ache and missing school, he doesn't have to deal with the gang. John decides to wrap a cast on the boy's leg, which shocked his mother until John tells her what's going on.

    John drops by the diner and tells Reggie and Jake about what happened with his meeting with his ex-wife. They had a bet that he would drop by, and Reggie bet that he would have sex with her, so she lost the bet. Bob drops by and takes a shot at John, after reading John's ex-wife's book.

    John decides to visit his ex-wife again, but this time they end up having sex.

    At the diner, John stops by rather early for him. Reggie asks him why he looks bad, so he tells her about what happened with his ex-wife.

    I thought this was a funny episode, but the plot with John's ex-wife just wasn't quite as funny. I wished for more hilarious exchanges, the kind you typically see with Bob and someone. Instead, his ex-wife was kind of boring, which goes to bad writing decisions in my opinion.