Season 6 Episode 5


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2003 on CBS

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  • Margaret gets another job while John and Chris work on their relationship.

    In bed, Chris and John are talking about how great the feel after having had sex. When they try to fall asleep, John gets annoyed by either her laying on his arm or her hair being in his face. Eventually, John gets comfortable when they flip sides of the bed and face away from one another, a very un-romantic position.

    At the diner, Hector notices Jake has a big stack of pornographic magazines on his counter. It seems they were delivered my mistake, so Hector takes one home to "test it out." When Hector leaves, John and Chris come in... separately. It seems John's not been very romantic, and it's bugging Chris.

    Linda comes into the diner and has to hear about Margaret's poor sex-life. John comes in and tells his patient he needs to have his prostate checked, and it seems his patient has never had it done before. In the other room, Margaret and Linda are still talking, when John and his patient come out. It seems John's patient oddly enjoyed getting his prostate checked.

    Chris comes over to John's apartment with some food, but he tells her he's already eaten. Chris turns on the TV to watch the Knicks game and spills a can of pop all over John when one of the players makes a great shot.

    Margaret walks into a phone center to work another job. When she finds out it's a sex-line, she gets up to leave, but stops and sits back down when she hears she can make $500 a night.

    Back at the apartment, John's really being annoyed by Chris' loud voice. He asks her to quiet down a little. They talk about how he needs come time to himself, so she leaves.

    Back at the phone center, Margaret's talking to a customer, and finishes up. When the next one calls, she freaks out, as the customer is her husband.

    At the diner, Hector is selling the pornographic magazines Jake got by mistake. John comes in and gets into a little argument with Chris, who's got a lot of customers.

    Linda walks into the office and Margaret yells at her because it was Linda's suggestion to go to the call center. She tells Linda about how Lewis called her last night, which made her feel uncomfortable.

    John walks into his apartment while speaking on the phone. He's yelling at Chris who seems to be ignoring his calls. Chris comes in through John's window and they get into a little argument. They sit down to hash things out. They trade thoughts of things which annoy one another. Chris' only complaint is John doesn't consider her feelings, and it causes John to get all bent out of shape. Eventually, they make up and hug.

    Linda comes into the diner to get something to eat. Margaret tells her about Lewis calling the sex-line again and that she's quitting. It seems that when she hung up with Lewis, Margaret went home and had sex. When they leave, Jake gets a call from a magazine distributor, and it seems Hector ordered more pornographic magazines, so Jake has a chat with him about it. Jake changes his mind about selling the magazines when Hector shows him the money they made on the magazines over the past week or so. John and Chris come in, and John holds the door open for her. He continues to act like he cares about her feelings and you can see he's not enjoying it.

    This episode was full of silly moments, like the past few episodes. Despite being on the show for a few episodes, the Hector character really isn't adding anything to the series.