Season 2 Episode 15

All The Rage

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2000 on CBS

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  • One of the worst yet.

    Bob is as pathetic as ever. Margaret's line "Christ never met Bob" was one of the only funny parts of the episode. He definitely deserved his cavity search by the Hispanic man. He's so irritating! The Linda-Bob storyline was stupid. No one is that nice to put up with a loser like Bob. I don't think the cops had a right to arrest Becker. He wasn't violent. Was him speaking his mind really harrassment? I mean, his first amendment right was violated. And he was right. They shouldn't have been parked in two spaces. The black woman in the anger management class was a little stereotypical. I think it was very out of character for Becker to admit he had a problem. I really didn't like this episode.
  • John gets angry. What else is new?!

    At the diner, Bob comes in to announce that he's homeless now. John then comes in complaining about a car which was double parked. The car belongs to a pair of police officers. Since they're not above the law, John chews them out and ends up getting arrested.

    Margaret and John walk into the office, when Linda complains about them being late. The judge has sentenced him to take anger management class. Bob comes in and asks John for a place to stay. Linda then says that Bob can stay with her, which surprises both Bob and Margaret.

    At the anger management class, everyone is asked their stories, which John offers his fantasized version of what took place.

    Bob stops by Linda's penthouse to stay there after her invitation.

    At the diner, John comes in complaining about the anger management class. He then tells a guy that his meter is about to run out. The man asks John if he could put a quarter in for him, but John says no, and chews him out. The man gets up and apparently has a broken leg; he's using a pair of crutches.

    Bob runs in and offers Linda a gift for her hospitality. When she opens the gift, she notices it's a leopard thong. Margaret and Reggie suggests to Linda that she kick Bob out of her penthouse. John then comes in has a confusing little conversation with Linda and Margaret about handling his anger.

    When Linda gets home, she sees Bob walking around in a robe, which is partly open. After telling him the things that bothered her, Linda asks him to leave. Bob proceeds to tell Linda a sappy story, which makes her rethink her decision. She tells him that if he can respect her, her things, and her privacy, he can stay, which cheers him right up.

    At the anger management class, John comes in late, and gets upset when he can't find a chair. John looses his cool and fails the final test. We then see John doing community service, while Reggie watches him and pokes a little fun at him.

    This episode went exactly how I figured it would, but it was still a very good episode.
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