Season 5 Episode 18

Amanda Moves Out

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2003 on CBS

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  • Everyone's habits become a problem, well everyone except for John.

    Bob walks into the diner and overhears Chris talking to someone on the phone. She says she needs something or she'll die without it. After she hangs up, Chris tells Bob she's out of conditioner. John comes in and he tells them about how he's quit smoking, and is enjoying things without the cigarettes, but Bob and Chris are talking about hair products, so they don't care about what John has to say. Jake comes in and is wearing someone else's shirt. It seems his girlfriend, Amanda is sleeping with another man, and Jake's wearing his shirt. Jake leaves, and John does soon after since he's not able to get the attention of Bob and Chris.

    At the office, John walks over to ask Margaret about the results he was expecting for a patient. It seems the fax machine is broken and the test results came through all blurry. Linda walks in and asks Margaret about fixing the fax machine. Linda's surprised John's stopped smoking.

    Linda walks into John's private office, and she congratulates him on quiting smoking. She offers to help him out if he needs anything.

    Jake walks into his apartment, and the apartment is empty. Jake walks through the apartment as though everything is still there. All the time he's trying to talk to Amanda who's obviously not there anymore. When Jake tries to sit on the couch, he falls, as it's no longer there.

    At the diner, Bob's demanding food from Chris. He notices Chris's hair is all screwed up since her conditioner isn't there. She decides to call about the order for conditioner, and it seems the conditioner won't be there until tomorrow. John comes in and makes fun at Chris's hair. Linda comes in and gets yelled at by John for calling him in the middle of the night. Jake walks in and tells everyone about Amanda leaving and taking everything with her. Jake hands John a letter and asks him to read it. He passes it off since he doesn't want to read the depressing news. Chris then passes it off to Linda, who then passes it off to Bob, who decides to read it anyway. Amanda tells Jake she's been sleeping with Stan for six months and they're going to Las Vegas to get married.

    Still at the diner, Jake's surprised about Amanda and Stan two of them getting married. Jake decides to leave to be alone. A deliveryman comes in with Chris's conditioner, and she's happy as can be. When she opens the box, the only thing in it is a hand mixer, so she yells at the deliveryman.

    At the office, Margaret's working on the fax machine but she's having a terrible time. She asks Linda to help, but she only makes it worse. John walks out a patient of his, and he tries to impress her with his story about quitting smoking. When John looks for his cigarette, Linda gives him a poster to encourage him to tough it out. Margaret walks over and she's having a terrible time with the fax machine, so John gives her the poster from Linda.

    John comes over to Jake's apartment to see how he's doing. It seems Amanda even took the doorbell. When inside, he sees Jake got ripped off with a pizza purchase, a small pizza for over $40. Jake talks about missing Amanda, and John relates to him as he's really missing his cigarettes.

    The next day, the deliveryman comes in and Chris is happy to see him, as he's got her conditioner. Jake asks the deliveryman if he knows a Stan, since Stan was a deliveryman. Margaret walks in and complains to John about the fax machine. Chris comes out and is upset about getting the wrong type of conditioner. John gets up and expresses his feelings about how weak he thinks Jake, Margaret, and Chris are. They fire right back at John for being so self-righteous. Chris gives John a pack of cigarettes as a temptation, and he starts to light a cigarette, but Linda walks in and stops him. It's obvious John's just as weak as they are.

    The idea of habits seemed to play a bit role in tonight's episode. I'd have to say that I liked the episode a lot - the big hair that Chris was sporting sure was interesting to see. I wonder how much time the hair and makeup department fiddled around with the styles to get it to look the way the wanted... probably not much time.