Season 5 Episode 4

And The Heartbeat Goes On

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 27, 2002 on CBS

Episode Recap

John walks into the diner and acts odd when Jake asks him if he wants to know about Chris. Bob comes in, embarrassed because he walked in and saw Chris naked. It seems he went to her apartment to fix her plumbing, and she wasn't supposed to be there, so he walked right in, without knocking, but Chris was there, in the bathroom, and he saw everything. Chris walks in and asks Bob if he ever knocks before coming in, so he tries to explain himself, but stumbles over his words. Bob leaves and Chris asks Jake and John about what Bob said. She seems to think Bob went into great detail, but John and Jake insist it wasn't the case.

John walks into the office and notices Linda is wearing glasses, and asks her about them. Linda insists they're just for show, they don't do anything. Margaret comes in and tells John about an old patient of his, who had an emergency bypass surgery, and his doctors don't expect him to survive the night, so John leaves immediately to see him.

At the hospital, John comes in to see how his patient, Mr. Humphries is doing. He asks John if he's going to live, but John is honest with him, which scares him a bit. Mr. Humphries asks John to stay with him for when he dies, so John agrees.

Bob walks into the diner, and is a little scared to deal with Chris. She comes in and Bob tries to apologize for seeing her naked, but ends up offending her. Jake tells Bob a story about him seeing his aunt naked when he was young.

At the office, Margaret asks John how things went, but he hated how long the travel was, and didn't enjoy the time. It seems Mr. Humphries made it through the night, and has asked John to come back to see him. John reluctantly agrees, since he knows Mr. Humphries won't live for that much longer.

John comes into the hospital to see Mr. Humphries, who complains about John being late. He asks John to read the Bible to him, but John isn't very interested in it. He reluctantly decides to start reading, and when Mr. Humphries falls asleep, John tries to sneak out. A nurse comes in to take some blood from Mr. Humphries, and wakes her up. The nurse decides to bring in several other patients so John can read the bible to them.

At the diner, Bob walks in and asks Jake about how long Chris has been in there eating. It seems she's been chewing and burping for over an hour. Bob decides to throw some compliments at her, in an attempt to stop her from eating so much, and it works. She decides to leave and go to the gym to work out.

At the office, Margaret gets a call and it seems Mr. Humphries made it through the night again and wants John to come and see him. John reluctantly leaves.

Two weeks later, John's still coming to the hospital to see Mr. Humphries. By now, John knows everyone there. He asks John to read him a book, but he refuses. Mr. Humphries asks him to read a book about a man who visits another man who is on his death bed. John finally decides to confront him about it. Mr. Humphries asks John to keep coming back, but John doesn't want to, because it's difficult and inconvenient it is for him to keep seeing him. Finally, John agrees to stay with him and read a book.