Season 4 Episode 11

Another Tricky Day

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 07, 2002 on CBS

Episode Recap

Bob walks into the diner and asks for a huge list of food for breakfast and sits down. Reggie lifts up the glass case on the donut rack and asks, "powdered or glazed". Bob owes Reggie more than $62. It's all on a tab.

John walks in complaining about someone knocking on his door at 6 in the morning, asking to borrow some underwear. Also, he was asked about football by someone on the street. Linda brings up the topic of astrology, but John doesn't believe in that sort of thing. He looks Linda's sign up in the paper and says it tells her to go to work.

Linda and John walk into the office. Margaret is tapping on the wall, thinking there's a rat or something in the wall. John receives a letter from a lab, saying they made a mistake, after John told a patient he was dying. John calls him up.

Jake walks into the diner with a board game (Scrabble). It turns out Jake was had. Instead of having a fish tank, it's a toilet which needs jiggling.

Bob decides to play Jake at Scrabble. Reggie decides to join since she doesn't have any customers.

John has a problem with a patient who keeps washing her hair, so much so that she's got a very dry scalp. Margaret is tapping on the wall, and even talking to the rat in the wall. It makes her look a little crazy.

Two kids walk in asking for medical marijuana. They claim to have a terrible disease, and memory lapse. John turns them away after pulling a trick on them, revealing them to be lying.

At the diner, Jake is kicking butt in scrabble. He's getting triple word scores and everything. The better Jake is doing, the more frustrated Bob is getting.

At the office, Margaret called an exterminator, but John hangs up the phone. Mr. Garland walks in and asks about him not dying. John said it was a mistake at the lab. The patient reveals to John that he's been living these past two weeks as though he only had two weeks left to live.

After sitting in John's office, Mr. Garland reveals to him that he quit his job, told his boss to go to hell, burned his boss' BMW, spent all of his money on limos, champaign and lap dances, cursed his wife out, and faxed a copy of his butt to the IRS.

At the diner, they're still playing scrabble. Jake is still kicking butt. Bob is frustrated still.

Mr. Pearson walks in but tells Linda and Margaret that he can't discuss what's wrong with him - it's too personal. He walks into the bathroom, and after a second, starts screaming.

John starts to think about astrology again.

At the diner, Jake is kicking butt still. Bob claims he's too smart and he's probably faking his blindness. John walks in to get cigarettes. John reveals Jake played in the National Championships three times. Bob gets upset and forfeits his money. It turns out that Reggie and Jake hustled Bob out of $50. That will pay off some of Bob's tab.

The lab results are back, and Mr. Garland is just fine, and he's disappointed. John's had enough nuts for the day. He and Linda talk about astrology.

Margaret is in the other room tapping on the ceiling with a broom. John asks her to stop and he gets up there. He looks around, and you see a shadow of a rat going past his face, and John is surprised. The shadow would have made it look like the rat was the size of a small dog.