Season 5 Episode 8

Atlas Shirked

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 01, 2002 on CBS

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  • Chris helps everyone in sight, annoying John.

    John comes into the diner, and complains about a kid who sold him an atlas, but he's not delivered it yet. Chris gets a call, and tells John and Bob about how she's trying to help out a family who lost a loved one. The person who died lives in the apartment building, but John doesn't seem to know him. Bob asks her what she's serving for food, but she finds his question a bit odd - no one comes to the funeral for the food! Jake comes in, depressed about he and Amanda. It seems they got in a fight, and she's begun packing things, which makes Jake think she's leaving him.

    At the office, Margaret's talking to her husband over the phone, and he tells Margaret that she has to cook a big meal because they're having family over. Margaret's upset because of the work she has to do, and she wasn't given much time. Linda tells her about how she's got a big date tonight with another "hot" guy. John comes out and complains to Margaret about the atlas not being delivered yet.

    At the diner, Chris helps Jake out with writing Amanda a letter. Bob comes in and brings up the idea of catered food at the funeral. John comes in for some coffee. Jake tells John about Chris playing "love doctor" for Jake and Amanda. John doesn't get Chris's obsession with helping people.

    At the office, John's helping a patient with his ear. John asks the patient, who's a lawyer, about the possibility of suing the high school kid who sold him the atlas. In the other room, Linda's on the phone. It seems Linda's cousin is coming to town, which will screw up her date. Margaret reveals that her night has improved, since Chris has agreed to help her by making a cheesecake.

    John comes into the diner and it seems Chris is having problems with a local company who is out of chairs. Jake comes in and announces he and Amanda are back together, and he doesn't need the letter she worked on for so long. Jake leaves when John and Chris ask about what those packing sounds were; Jake is wondering if he just had break-up sex. Margaret walks in to get the cheesecake Chris made for the party of hers. Margaret ends up dropping it on the floor. John points out to Chris how she spent three happy hours on that cake. John asks Chris about the funeral, and it seems they're gathering people in the apartment, belonging to the deceased man. John decides to come, after Chris tells him which apartment it is, a very large, rent-controlled apartment with a terrace.

    John walks into the party with Bob, and they love how big the apartment is. Bob points out all of the food they're serving. John speaks to the woman, who lost her dear friend. John seems to have a lot of questions about the apartment, and he gets her to cry. John and Chris go over to pay their respect to the deceased, and Chris gets very upset when Chris realized the deceased is a cat. When Chris and Bob leave, John is about to leave, when the woman calls him over to sit down. John finds out that the cat died because he liked to sleep next to the door, and a package, which was dropped through the slot crushed his little head. It turns out that package was delivered there by accident. It should have gone to John's apartment, since it was the atlas he was expecting.

    The way things sort of fell apart for Chris in the end was very funny, and I loved the ending where John found out about the way the cat died.