Season 5 Episode 12

Bad to the Bone

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2003 on CBS

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  • John helps out a young patient of his with a problem when using the bathroom, and ends up making Jake and Bob think he's having sex with Chris.

    John comes into the office late, thanks to a group of peace walkers. John goes into the back to make some calls and then take care of two patients. Linda gets off the phone with a friend. It seems Linda's friend isn't going with her tonight, which upsets Linda. In the other room, John goes in to see Brad, who has been complaining about a sore throat. He confesses to John that it was a lie, actually, he feels a sharp pain every time he pees and John thinks he's got an STD since he's been sexually active and he's not wearing condoms.

    At the diner, Jake and Bob are talking about Chris, as she's not there to serve breakfast. Chris comes in and complains to Bob about him not fixing her window. John comes in for a cigarette, and Bob asks him about how important breakfasts are for the day. John walks out, and Bob grabs the bag John left behind. Bob looks in it, and finds several dozen condoms. John comes back in and grabs the bag he left behind. Chris comes out with some food for Jake, but gives Bob an empty plate, since he didn't fix her window.

    At the office, Linda talks to a patient, and asks her if she would be interested in going to a play, but she's not interested. Margaret tells John Brad is here to see him, so he goes in to see Brad, who's waiting in John's office. John tosses him a bag of condoms, and Brad dismisses the whole STD thing, as not being that important. John tries to scare Brad by telling him the tests aren't done since sometimes they need to re-check things. Brad walks out a little concerned.

    Back at the diner, Jake and Bob are talking about who John may be sleeping with. Linda comes in, and she's down since she hasn't been able to find anyone to go with her. Chris asks her about the play, and she seems interested in going. Chris asks Bob about the window, and he claims he fixed the window.

    Chris is looking out her window, and she decides to walk outside, and the window closes, locking itself. She walks down the fire escape and scares John, as he's looking out his window. John lets her in, as she's locked outside in her lingerie. She comes in and complains about the window and the play Linda took her to. Bob is outside of John's apartment, in the hallway, and sees Chris coming out of John's apartment, and thinks John are Chris are together.

    Bob comes into the diner and tells Jake about what he saw last night, with Chris walking out of John's apartment.

    At the office, Margaret asks John about why Brad's coming in again, so he tells her about what's going on.

    Back at the diner, Jake and Bob come in and hear Chris on the phone. Based on what she's saying, they think she's talking about her night with John.

    Brad walks into the office to see his results. Margaret and John play games Brad, and it scares him quite a bit. John tells him he's got a urinary tract infection, not an STD.

    At his apartment, John's lying down on his couch when Chris is locked out of her apartment again, so she comes in, and Bob sees her walk out of John's apartment again.

    This was a pretty silly episode, but obviously dealt with a serious subject, STDs.