Season 4 Episode 13

Barter Sauce

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 28, 2002 on CBS

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  • One of the best episodes of becker ever.

    This episode of Becker was really good, probably one of my favorite episodes. It’s because of when Jake gets help from John and by the end of the episode he has become unable to talk normally and is talking really weirdly and its just hilarious to watch. This episode just goes to show how good the show is. Also with this episode I feel that Ted Danson was at his best, his acting in this episode was fantastic. I feel that in this season is where Becker was at its best, before Chris was introduced, but in season 5 and 6 you did get some good episodes too, but not as good as the first 4 seasons. Oh well!!!
  • Two great storylines make this episode a must-watch.

    John takes Bob, Jake and Reggie as patients in exchange of products and services from them. The experience for all of them is different, yet common in that things went wrong. Bob annoys John with some stomach problems. John's treating of a small wound of Jake's gives Jake all sorts of whacky side effects, and Reggie couldn't get her money's worth when she got just a simple cold. All these experiences kept the episode fresh.

    But there's a secondary storyline just as good, if not better than the main one. Some lady repeatedly calling her boyfriend (or ex-) but with a wrong number ends up calling Dr. Becker's office. Margaret and Linda have fun listening to the messages but when John intervenes, the effort back fires on him, as he becomes the target of the lady's phone harassment. I really liked how this turned out at the end.

    While I haven't watched all the 129 episodes of Becker, from the many I've seen so far, this is my favorite. I recommend it.
  • I loved this episode

    John and the gang enter the lustrious world of caveman style barter where they receive free medical advice from Becker, while they feed him, give him cigarettes and fix household applicances.

    I loved the comedic scences in this episode...and Becker was at his best.

    Overall, a series classic, that should remind the gang never go to John Becker when they are sick.
  • John exchanges services for services with Bob, Jake, and Reggie.

    Bob comes into the diner, sad about the death of his doctor. He asks John if he would be his doctor, and Bob will fix things for him, in exchange for free treatments. Jake gets in on it, so John can get candy cars and cigarettes, and John will treat Jake for free. Not wanting to be left out, Reggie does the same thing, except John will get free food.

    Margaret comes into the office, late since her train ride was late. Linda hits the "play" button on the answering machine. It seems a woman named Julie is trying to get in contact with her boyfriend, and she keeps calling the doctor's office, by mistake. John comes into the office, and he can't believe they're spending so much time listening to the phone messages. John goes into one of the office to see Bob, who has something wrong, but John wants to run blood tests and everything. John points out the window John wants him to fix. John leaves, and sees Linda and Margaret listening to the messages again, but they skip over the message where a guy has a real emergency. John answers the phone and tells Julie she's got the wrong number, and tries to suggest that she move on from Phil.

    John comes into the diner with a shopping bag for Jake, and asks him to fill it with magazines. John walks over and asks Reggie to send over some food when she's got time. Reggie's frustrated because she's not needed his services yet. Jake yells out in pain, and it seems he cut his finger, when he tries to cut a stack of newspapers. Bob comes in and asks about where his test results are, but they've not come in yet. Meanwhile, John's taking every muffin Reggie has.

    Back at the office, Margaret and Linda are back, listening to the messages. John comes in and notices what they're doing, and this time, Linda is calling for John, since he was nice to her. Margaret then tells him Bob's in room one, which only adds to John's frustration.

    John walks into the room to see Bob. John says the stomach ache isn't anything serious, but John says he wants the lab to re-check a test, since Bob's liver enzymes were elevated. Jake comes in and complains about a rash he's got. It seems the antibiotic John gave him gave him a rash, so John treats him.

    Later that day, John comes back into the office, and it seems Julie called 23 more times, and Reggie comes in with a cold, but is angry when he doesn't treat her quite as well as she had hoped.

    That night, Bob comes in and asks him about his liver. Jake then comes by and complains about falling asleep, so John gives him a new treatment.

    The next day, John comes into work, and tells Bob there's nothing wrong with him. Jake then comes in with a problem with his speech. It seems the medication John gave him reacted with some seasickness medication Jake took so he could go on a ferry to Staten Island. John walks into his office and finds Bob, who's complaining about something. Julie calls, and John decides to give the phone to Bob, since they seem to have so much in common.

    Later that night, John comes into the diner and asks for a burger and fries, but Reggie's not interested in serving him, since she's still got a cold. Jake comes in and complains about the way John treated him. John then says the free barter system is over.

    The show ends with Bob, calling Julie, but she's ignoring him, like everyone was trying to ignore her through most of the episode.

    The plot was a bit silly, but I enjoyed it. I loved the scenes where John had to treat Jake, they were funny and well-acted.