Season 3 Episode 7


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 20, 2000 on CBS

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  • Reggie is asked by someone to get married, John is asked by someone to commit fraud.

    In the diner, Jake and Bob are trying to get Reggie to divulge the reason why she is so happy. She said she had a date with a new guy, Greg, and it went very well. Reggie has has a number of dates where the guy dumped her, or even turned gay, so they're surprised to see her this happy.

    John walks into the diner upset about parking again. As he leaves, he turns around to call the police. Someone has towed his car. Everyone is astonished, because the car has no bumper to be used in towing.

    After arriving to the office, John reveals to Linda and Margaret that he went down to the impound, and his car wasn't there; someone stole his car. Linda and Margaret burst into laughter. They can't believe someone would steal his car, because the seats are all torn, the doors are dented, and the inside of the car smells like a cat gave birth.

    Reggie goes out on another date with Greg, and he asked her to marry her. Jake, Bob, and John are surprised by this. They think he's a little crazy.

    Back at the office, John has a patient who is acting oddly. He won't provide John with his former doctor's name and can't remember his social security number. It turns out the guy isn't who he says he is. He's posing as his brother. His brother lost his job and insurance, and can't get new insurance because he has MS. The insurance company says it's a pre-existing condition and won't even touch him. This guy is trying to get John to say that he's just fine, but that would mean committing insurance fraud.

    At John's place, Anita, a neighbor in John's building talks to him about the moral and legal dilemna. It doesn't go quite as well, since she's a hooker of course.

    At the diner, an insurance man comes in looking for John. They've found his car, and he's willing to cut John a check for $800 for the damages to his car. There weren't any new damages, but the insurance man didn't know that. John accepts the check and signs a form.

    Back at the office, John talks to the man about the insurance fraud, and he says he can't help him. John could lose his license for doing that, and naturally, the man gets upset and leaves.

    Margaret walks in and tells John that she sent the $800 check back, because that would have been wrong as well. You can see that John is irked by it.

    At the diner, Greg shows up to talk to Reggie and get her answer to his proposal. He says he needs an answer by Saturday. Confused by why he needs an answer by then, Reggie asks why. Greg states that he's marrying his fiance then. Shocked by this, Reggie demands to know why he's asking to marry her. Greg claims that he would be "trading up" by marrying Reggie. She yells at him and he runs out of the diner.

    I thought that the plots were great. The moral and legal dilemnas John had to go through were certainly trying on him, but he made the right choice in my opinion. The sub-plot with Reggie was great. The ending was hilarious.