Season 2 Episode 11

Blind Curve

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 1999 on CBS

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  • Great character development

    We finally learn the story behind the car crash that caused Jake's blindness. The conversation at the end between his friend and him was very touching. But of course there was still some humor. Linda lying for Margaret to get her out of her trip with the other nurses was classic! And Jake winning the big screen TV and rubbing it in Becker's face was great. It was also nice to have an episode without Bob, for once. There's only so much you can take of him. Finally, the kid in Becker's office was SO classically 90's, with his faux-ghetto attitude. All in all, a very well-written episode.
  • Chris, one of Jake's old friends stops by. Chris was the driver in the accident which caused Jake to go blind.

    Jake walks into the diner with news that he won a big screen TV in a raffle, which just pisses John off, making him go off on a rant about how Jake, a blind man won a big screen TV. As Jake goes to leave, Chris comes in and says that he wants to have dinner with Jake tonight. After Chris leaves, Jake reveals to John and Reggie that Chris was the person driving in the crash when Jake lost his sight.

    John comes into the office, and Margaret complains that he's late. When John leaves the lobby of the office, Margaret opens a package which has a shirt in it. It's from a group of women Margaret is supposed to spend time with, but she doesn't want to. Linda suggests that she lie to get out of the whole thing, but Margaret doesn't want anything to do with that either. John walks in to see a white patient, who seems to like talking like a militant black person. When he's told he's got tennis elbow, he drops the attitude.

    At the diner, Reggie asks John if he thinks Jake is upset about Chris is in town. John doesn't really know. Chris then comes in to pick up Jake for some steak, but as they're leaving, Jake gets defensive about Chris helping out the door. They decide to have the conversation right there in the diner, instead at dinner. Chris tells Jake that his life hasn't been the same either since the accident. He became an alcoholic, which made keeping a marriage together impossible, and he can't keep a job. He's now in a program to help him through it, and asks Jake if he can forgive him for what happened. Jake says that he can't help him.

    At John's place, John can't seem to be able to keep a reception. His rabbit ears aren't helping much. Reggie comes by and asks John to go by and visit Jake, since he isn't interested in talking to Reggie.

    John drops by Jake's place to catch the end of the game. Jake's not interested in talking about Chris, but they end up talking about it.

    At the office, a woman comes in wearing the same t-shirt Margaret has. Margaret tells Linda that she doesn't want to go, but she doesn't want to lie. Margaret tries to lie, but the lie goes nowhere fast, so Linda lies and pulls it off without much trouble.

    Jake walks over to Chris' apartment. They chat about some of the good times they had there, and then talk about the crash. Jake says he can't forgive him for what happened, only take a little of the blame off of him, since he was responsible as well. They were both very drunk and neither should have been in the car.

    At the diner, John comes in to see John and Reggie. He apologizes for not returning her calls. Reggie and Jake apologize for a few other things, leaving John to apologize for something, but he doesn't. Instead, he tells Jake it's time for Jake to give him his big screen TV.

    Although there wasn't a whole lot of comedy in this episode, the drama was interesting, and it added to the character development.