Season 5 Episode 9

Blind Injustice

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 08, 2002 on CBS

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  • The diner gets robbed and Jake blames himself for letting the thief go.

    At the diner, Chris and Bob help get John ready for his day. When John leaves, Bob goes into the restroom, and Chris goes into the kitchen. With the diner empty, a robber comes in and clears out the cash register. On his way out, he runs into Jake, who is coming in. Since he can't see, he doesn't know he's just robbed the place. Jake holds the door open so the man can leave.

    A few minutes later, Chris, Bob, and Jake are feeling sad about being robbed. A police officer comes out of the restroom, and asks about the robbery. John comes in for cigarettes and is upset about the cigarettes being stolen in the robbery. Jake feels like an idiot for letting the robber go, but Chris assures him there's no way he could have known the diner was robbed.

    John comes into the office to see a patient of his, who has a rash under his toupee. The patient is concerned because his toupee helps make him look like he's got real hair. He's mainly concerned because of the fact that he sells real estate, and he's got images of himself all over the city. In the other room, a man comes in claiming he's there to have lunch with John, and ends up hitting on Margaret. Margaret tells John about the man, but John doesn't want to have lunch with him, since he's a salesman, and just wants John's business. Instead, Margaret decides to go have lunch with the man.

    At the diner, Bob's installing a fake security camera for Chris in hopes of scaring away would-be robbers. John comes in, shortly followed by Jake, who's depressed about the robbery and his being blind.

    A few minutes go by, and John walks over to Jake, and tries to cheer him up, but he's got nothing to say, so he invites him to a hockey game. Chris comes over and ends up making Jake feel worse.

    At the office, Linda tells John that Margaret isn't back from lunch yet and that she's concerned. Margaret comes in, and she had a great time with Cliff at lunch.

    At the hockey game, John's getting some food when Jake notices a voice from a guy, and he believes he's the guy who stole the money from the diner. John isn't sure what to do because there aren't any police around, so he eventually tries to place the man under citizen's arrest after Jake demanded he do so. When the man gets ready to fight John, John squirts spicy mustard in his eyes.

    The next day, John tells a patient of his about him arresting the man last night. Cliff walks in and Margaret's doesn't want to go with him, since she feels he just wanted to make a sale, but he insists he isn't like that, so Margaret agrees to go with him for lunch.

    At the diner, Chris compliments Jake for his ability to notice the robber's voice. Chris asks Jake to deposit money to the bank for her, since it's just down the street. The police officer comes down and jokes around with John about his citizens arrest. It seems John arrested the wrong guy, and they arrested the right guy a little later on. Jake comes out of the restroom after he hears Det. Borkow's voice. The detective has left already of course, and John lies to Jake about what he wanted; he tells Jake he wanted to thank him for his great work. John didn't want Jake to feel terrible again.

    I enjoyed this episode, as it was a Jake-centric episode for a change, if you know what I mean. Jake rarely gets the spotlight in the episodes, so it was a welcomed change. I liked the ending, as it served for a bit of a surprise, but it wasn't a shocker at the same time. I'm glad the casting agents decided to bring back the Detective Borkow character, who I find very funny, and a great fit for the show.