Season 4 Episode 2

Breakfast of Chumpions

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2001 on CBS

Episode Recap

As usual, John is upset. He's been trying to quit smoking for a while, which isn't a very easy thing to do obviously. He walks into the diner and gets some cigaretts, and Jake reminds him that he's trying to quit. After agreeing, John puts some Nicotine gum in his mouth, and he's off for the day.

A young man walks into the diner and asks to make a reservation. Jake and Bob start laughing, because no one ever makes reservations. Reggie tells him about the reservations never happening, and asks why. A few years ago to the day, he walked into the diner after losing his job, his car, everything. In walks a woman, and they immediately fall in love, and he views the diner as his lucky place, so to speak.

After he leaves, Reggie is upset. She tells Jake and Bob that that guy took her good luck when he left a few years ago, and she's got nothing but bad luck and that she's going nowhere. They tell her that she's crazy to think this way.

A young girl is in the doctor's office selling tickets to a pancake breakfast. Margaret purchases a ticket, and John ends up buying an entire book of tickets, after not realizing he could just buy one ticket.

John has been having problems with the city for the entire episode. Whether it's the construction crews or the fact that people keep double-parking next to his car, he's growing more and more frustrated with the local police department, because they don't seem to be doing anything about it.

Linda has been asking for more vacation days and Margaret told her that she has to start using them up now, or she'll lose them. She decides to go on vacation immediately.

When John goes in to have the pancake breakfast, he's surprised when a woman there confronts him and says that the breakfast is for the children only. John isn't having any of that and demands a pancake breakfast. She eventually finds him a seat at a table. At the end of the breakfast, the woman announces that there is a door prize, and brand new bike. Underneath the plates could be a smiley-face sticker, whoever has the sticker, wins the bike. John of course had that plate and he won the bike.

John returns to his office, with bike-in-hand, to find Linda at work. She's apparently on vacation still, yet she's helping out at work. Neither he nor Margaret are able to make any sense out of this of course.

The police leave a message at the office and ask that John visit the department after work. He walks down there, thinking that this is about his complaints about the double-parking, but it doesn't turn out to be for that reason. The police officer asks about a car being dinged. John doesn't know anything about it, in fact, he actually thinks that he's talking about his own car. He pulls out a video tape of a surveillance camera, and it shows John smoking and riding that child's bike. He accidentally ran into the front of a parked car in front of a convenience store. John then throws his cigarette on the ground and rides off.

The police officer is angry about the fact that he scratched the parked car, littered by dropping the cigarette on the ground, and he didn't wear a helmet while riding the bike. John gets really angry, but the police officer isn't done. He plays some more of the tape, and there was apparently some gasoline on the ground where the cigarette was tossed, and it caught the car on fire; it was engulfed in flames. John couldn't really talk anymore at that point.

The man and his wife mentioned earlier in this recap/review show up at the diner for dinner. Reggie gets angry after finding out that he's rich, she's pretty, and she's also pregnant. She scolds them and tells them to leave.