Season 5 Episode 13

But I've Got Friends I Haven't Used Yet

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 2003 on CBS

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  • One of John's old college makes a surprise visit.

    Bob comes into the diner, back from a gym. He's a little scared about his health since he saw someone die on the treadmill, and he was hauled off by the paramedics. John comes in and complains about the ambulance which blocked traffic. An old friend of John's comes in to see him. At first he didn't recognizes, but John eventually does. It seems the old friend, Rick was John's old roommate from Harvard. He tells John that he's in AA now, and is here to apologize for screwing him over a few times. John doesn't remember him ever doing anything bad to him, but is shocked when his friend tells him about stealing $200, putting his name on John's senior thesis, and sleeping with John's wife. Angry, John storms out of the diner.

    At the office, John walks a patient out who wants drugs because his inlaws are in town. Linda notices an odd smell, and she thinks it's John's sweater. John walks back to his office to help another patient. Linda asks Margaret about why she's dressed up for a change. She tells Linda that she's having lunch with Shirley, but Linda doesn't know Shirley. Linda leaves the room, and Cliff comes in and takes Margaret out to lunch. Linda comes back in and notices the two of them leaving.

    Back at the diner, Bob's looking through the obituaries, and the more young people he reads about, the more upset he gets. He leaves as John comes in. He talks to Chris about Rick, and Chris tells him to accept the man's apologies and move on, don't be someone who hangs on to all of that stuff.

    John comes into the office and after a comment by Linda, he asks her to toss out his smelly sweater. He goes into his office to meet up Rick. John tells him he's sorry about how he reacted and Rick accepts his apology. Rick confesses one more thing, he pawned John's gold pocket watch for pot and boots, which upsets John, but he tries to be the bigger person.

    After lunch, Cliff walks Margaret into the office, and Linda confronts her about it. She insists it's nothing and it's none of her business. John calls Margaret into his office and asks her if she knows where a special prescription pad is located, but she doesn't. He realizes the only other person who was in there that day was his friend, Rick.

    Bob walks into the diner and asks Jake to fill out an obituary for him when he dies, and he agrees. John walks in to tell Chris about how Rick stole his prescription pad. She tells him how there's no way he could have known he was going to do that.

    Cliff walks into the office to meet up with Margaret, but Linda decides to talk to him first. He hits on him, in hopes of breaking up he and Margaret. Margaret comes in and stops her. She tells Linda what's going on, that she and Cliff are working on a surprise party for Lewis, and they didn't tell her because she always spoils the surprise. When Cliff and Margaret leave, answers the phone. Lewis is calling for Margaret, and as she goes to say "goodbye", she accidentally reveals the surprise birthday party. John comes in and talks to Linda about Rick. When she tells John which hotel Rick is staying at, John rushes out.

    At the hotel, John knocks on the door, and Rick lets him in. John's furious about the prescription pad. He asks Rick about the pad, but he insists he doesn't have it, so John looks through his luggage, but can't find it. Linda calls John and tells him that she found the prescription pad in the pocket to his sweater. Surprised and embarrassed, he tries to apologize to Rick, and he helps fold his clothes, which he dumped out when looking for the pad. John asks to take Rick out to dinner before he leaves town, and Rick's surprised by John's offer, since he never makes that sort of offer.

    John comes into the office and tries to apologize to apologize for what happened earlier. She butts in and apologizes first, and John doesn't end up apologizing.

    This episode added a little bit of character development to the show, as we got to meet another one of John's college buddies. I was very disappointed with the subplot with Bob being scared about dying.
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