Season 6 Episode 8

Chock Full 'O Nuts

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 03, 2003 on CBS

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  • John tries to fight the system when the city closes down a half-way house.

    John walks into the diner and tells Chris and Hector about seeing a priest, a rabbi, and a penguin going into a bar. Jake comes in with a certified letter. He asks Hector to read the letter, which reveals Jake's grandmother left him $25,000.

    At the doctor's office, a man asks to be treated, but he's not willing to provide Margaret with his personal information. He sounds like a nut. John comes in and notices Linda is acting oddly, thanks to something the man said about plastic. John goes in to see the patient and leaves quickly after the man seems to think John can read his thoughts. John talks into a room to see Mr. Ferguson. It seems he's allergic to something and his body is covered in a rash. John leaves and goes into his office to talk to Margaret, and it seems the half-way house has been shut down, so all of the nut-jobs are out.

    Back at the diner, Chris is feeding the people from the half-way house. Hector comes in and suggests to Jake that he spend the $25,000 on a Camaro, but Jake doesn't want to spend the money on something silly. John comes in and notices all of the homeless people in there, which Chris is feeding for free. He and Chris talk about the situation the city has put everyone in because of the closing-down of the half-way house.

    Back at the office, Linda's trying to deal with the incredible number of people there. It seems some of them are there to use the bathroom and stay out of the cold. Margaret goes in to talk to John, who's on two phones with the city. They both come out and find Linda trying to get people to sing. John decides to take the homeless people to city hall and complain.

    At the city hall, John comes in to complain, and the woman there is very rude. John decides to go right in to see the woman's supervisor. John asks the man to do something about the situation, but he says he can't because there's no money to re-open the facility.

    Later that night, John walks into the diner and tells everyone about how bad his day was. It seems Jake asked everyone to come down, so John asks about where Jake is. Jake comes in with a $500 bottle of wine. Linda opens it and pours a glass for everyone. Chris insists that they give a glass of the wine to a homeless man sitting at the counter, and Jake says he doesn't have a problem with it. When they all take a drink, everyone but the homeless man spits it out. The homeless man seems to like it and is familiar with it.

    This was a very silly episode which never really got very interesting. There were some very funny moments throughout the show, but it couldn't overcome the weak plot.