Season 6 Episode 8

Chock Full 'O Nuts

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 03, 2003 on CBS



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    • Becker: Look, someone in your department shut down a residential care facility in my neighborhood and threw everyone out into the street. Now I'm here because I want something done about it!
      Deputy Secretary: Wow. You sound pretty upset.
      Becker: Well, I am. You know, I've been on the phone all afternoon calling every city agency I can think of, and all I got was the typical bureaucratic runaround.
      Deputy Secretary: Well that's terrible, you shouldn't have been treated like that.
      Becker: At least you see that.
      Deputy Secretary: Well of course I do!
      Becker: Then you'll help me?
      Deputy Secretary: Oh dear no.

    • John Becker: I'm trying to run a business and I get Sesame Street.

    • Margaret: Are all of these people sick?
      Linda: No, some just wanted to get out of the cold and some just wanted to watch tv.
      Margaret: We don't have a tv.
      Linda: Don't tell them that, we had a big fight over the remote.

    • John Becker: You got that right to refuse service sign to anyone, I have that damn hippocratic oath.

    • Jake: It's my money. Why are you making a list?

    • John Becker: That's a lot of dirt in your briefcase.
      Patient: I'm stealing New Jersey.
      John Becker: Smells like New Jersey.

    • John Becker: Find out what's going on, maybe they left a window open or something.

    • John Becker: The nut jobs get free coffee and I still have to pay for mine, and I'm the one sleeping with you.

    • Hector: It's about your Nana.
      Jake: Oh no!
      Hector: She's already dead. How bad can it be?

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