Season 1 Episode 9

Choose Me

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 18, 1999 on CBS

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  • John deals with a patient who can't get any energy, while he and Jake try to get Reggie to take them to a hockey game.

    At the diner, John is sitting at one of the tables reading through a book. He's got a patient with a problem that he can't seem to figure out. Jake asks him to tell him what the guy's problem is, but John knows he can't help him. On the other side of the diner a guy is on a cell phone, but his call keeps dropping out. John pokes fun at the guy a little, he's got phones, pagers, everything. It turns out the guy's wife is going into labor. Not having time to go to a hockey game, the man gives Reggie his two tickets. Jake and John both want them, so Reggie loves this. You just know how this is going to play out...

    At the office, there are several patients sneezing and coughing. Margaret lectures them about covering their mouths and noses so that they don't spread their germs. Wanting more responsibility, Linda gets the okay from Margaret and John to do patient check-ins. John wasn't paying attention during the whole thing, and realizes his mistake. John gets a call from his patient, Bill, who is still suffering from a severe lack of energy.

    In his office, John calls a doctor about his patient he can't seem to help. She is surprised because he usually only calls when he wants to have sex.

    At the diner, Jake is cleaning the counter for Reggie. This is his way of sucking up in hopes of getting the hockey ticket. Bob comes in, all cleaned up. He and Reggie exchange some shots, and she tells him to leave. As he's leaving, John stops by for lunch. He, unlike Jake, doesn't suck up for things like hockey tickets. As usual, the writing is pretty good, it gives Reggie and Bob some very good material here.

    At home, John is reading through his books, Julie drops by. She didn't think there was actually a case, she's there to have sex. In the middle of them making out, they stop and he shows her the files for his patient.

    At work, Linda checks in a patient, Bill. His lack of energy is starting to affect every aspect of her life.

    At the diner, Jake asks to feel Reggie's face, because everyone says how beautiful she is. She allows him to touch her face, but it doesn't seem to help him get the tickets. John drops in for a cigarette, compliments Reggie a little bit, but he doesn't get anywhere either.

    At home, John is looking over his books, when Margaret drops by with test results, but they don't help John at all.

    Back at the office, Linda asks John how her patient is doing. John and Margaret can't believe she's taking this amount of interest in him. Linda says that she noticed something weird. Bill got back from Bermuda six weeks ago, and works inside, so his tan should have faded. John and Margaret suddenly realize that this could mean he's got Addison's Disease, so they order some specific tests. While Margaret is on the phone, Linda can't help but rub it in, "so, Margaret, how many lives have you saved today?"

    At the diner, it's time to decide which person to take to the hockey game. Reggie decides to give them the other ticket and John and Jake have to make the decision. Bob then comes in, too late to see Reggie, so they decide to give him the other ticket.

    This was a pretty good episode. The plot with John not being able to find the reason for his patient's lack of energy ended up being pretty funny, what with Linda figuring out the cause of it. I loved the way the plot with the hockey tickets went. I loved the ending with Bob running out of the diner with the tickets, to join Reggie at the game.