Season 5 Episode 10


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 15, 2002 on CBS

Episode Recap

John walks into the diner and sees how the diner is covered in Christmas decorations. Bob walks in and is a little nervous because he just got into a fight with a Santa Claus who knew his high school nickname, Barbara.

Still at the diner, John asks Chris about what she's doing for Christmas. He tells her that he's planning on spending time with a woman, Helen, who he apparently met in an elevator. Chris thinks he's lying.

Linda walks into the office, and she's sporting a new haircut, and she's not having a very good day. John walks out a patient of his, who's wearing a couple dozen Bandaids after being attacked by his cat.

John walks into the diner, and asks for a sandwich and coffee. Chris and Jake ask John about Helen, but he has problems coming up with a description of her. Bob comes in and is still scared about the Santa Claus.

At the office, Linda and Margaret are talking about going to help folks for Christmas.

Chris arrives at her apartment building, but she's soaked, thanks to a cab splashing her. She's carrying groceries, and the bag tears, spilling everything everywhere. She then runs into John and Helen. It seems John wasn't lying about Helen, who's a very attractive woman.

Bob, dressed as Santa Claus, walks into the diner, and Chris recognizes him immediately. He leaves, and runs into Jake, who even recognizes him because of the smell of his hair gel. Chris tells Jake about Helen, and he's surprised Helen is real. John comes in and it seems Helen has invited her to her parent's place. John asks Chris what she's up to, so she tells him she's spending time with Owen, but it's obvious she's lying, although John doesn't question her. John leaves, and Jake questions her about why she chose Owen. Chris admits to Jake that she's upset John moved on before she moved on.

Outside, Margaret is singing with some other carollers, and Linda joins her. Bob is out there as well, and he's recognized by the other Santa Claus, so Bob runs off, with the other Santa chasing. Back to Margaret and Linda singing, it seems Linda's got a terrible singing voice. In the background, Bob's being chased, and when he catches up to Bob, he's beating the heck out of Bob.

John walks into his apartment building, just as Chris seems to be on her way out. They chat with one another about their plans for a few seconds, and Chris walks out, and John goes upstairs.

John opens the door to his apartment when Helen stops by. As they're about to leave, John backs out of their plans. Helen is upset about him springing this on her at the last minute, and leaves.

A while later, John opens up his window to see if Chris is outside, but she isn't, so he closes his window. A few seconds later, Chris does the same, to see if John's outside. The show ends with them both looking out their closed windows.