Season 1 Episode 7

City Lights

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 21, 1998 on CBS

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  • John is bothered by a broken city light.

    Lying in bed, John is awaken by the sound and flashing of a malfunctioning street light. Angry, John calls the city public works department to complain, but gets a voice mail. He leaves a message, threatening them if they don't fix the light.

    At the office, Linda asks Margaret for her own work space, but Margaret says there isn't enough space. Margaret agrees to allow her to bring one thing from home to make her comfortable. John comes in, upset about the street light, and he wants Margaret to complain to the city for him.

    John walks in to see a young patient of his. He broke his arm, which is keeping him out of playing baseball. After taking a look at the X-Ray, John tells him that it's healing well.

    Margaret walks in to John's office and sees a large dog (Gus). She immediately thinks of Linda, the dog was the one thing she brought from home. Margaret tells Linda that she has to take the dog home.

    John goes over to the diner to complain to to Jake and Reggie about the street light. The subject changes to Vivaldi, which John enjoyed when Reggie's father hosted poker games. Reggie decides to invite John to a Vivaldi concert, which John agrees to go on.

    John is sitting around the lobby of his building looking for people to sign his petition for the city to fix the street light. Everyone who walks by him doesn't want anything to do with him because of past experiences.

    Back in his apartment, John is on hold with the city. He tries to convince the department of sanitation to haul off the light because it is garbage after all.

    While listening to Vivaldi, John keeps interrupting Reggie, making for a horrible night out.

    Back at the office, Margaret asks Linda what is licking her ankle. It turns out she can't take her dog back home because she fired her dog walker. Margaret allows her to keep the dog in the store room for the day. He eventually gets out of the store room, wanders into John's office and licks him while he's on the phone with the city.

    John and a patient of his are less than anxious to do a prostate exam. Margaret runs in with news of an emergency. A man was bitten by a rat while giving a speech. The man works for the city, so John decides to hold is pants before treating him, until he agrees to fix the light outside John's apartment.

    At home, John is lying in bed in peace when all of a sudden the light starts flickering again. He gets one of his patients, who is a baseball player, and has him throw a baseball at the city light to break the bulb, to kill it. He nails the bulb in one throw, taking care of the problem.

    I enjoyed this episode quite a bit. Of all the things that could wreck his day, it just had to be a city street light which made it impossible to get a good night of sleep. The results of his petitioning wasn't impressive, as he found the other people in his building haven't had very good experiences when he's around. I was a little surprised that he had to resort to getting one of his patients to break the light bulb. I thought for sure that the incident at the office would have worked.