Season 2 Episode 22


Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 08, 2000 on CBS

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  • The stock market and God, what an episode.

    Bob, Jake, and Reggie decide to get involved in the stock market. They want to put a little money in and see how it goes. Bob saw this as a "Get Rich Quick" kind of scheme. Bob had his eyes on a tech company, and as Reggie is about to press the buy button with the laptop computer, Bob says no. He checks for another stock in the NY Times newspaper. He finds a company that's building an iMax screen and showing a movie about Jesus on it in Branson, MO. Not everyone is so keen on the idea, and Jake pounds his fist on the counter of the diner, somehow causing the computer to click the buy button of a completely different company than the two they had been talking about. Everyone is very nervous about the selection, they want to watch it go up/down, but it stays flat for the day, ending up 1/2 a point up from when they bought it.

    In the doctor's office, John examines a guy who just won't shut up, frankly. He's always talking about his wife and doctors and how he hates to go see one. John listens to the back of the man's neck with a stethoscope, and hears something unusual. He sends him to the hospital to get an MRI.

    The hospital is backed up with people waiting to get tests and examinations done. The man's priest decides to come and see John, and they end up getting into an argument about whose hands he is in, the doctor's, or God's. I thought it was a very good argument, it didn't get completely out of hand, but it was understandable for John to act in the way that he did.

    John then finds out that his suspicisions were right about the man. Apparently, he's got a bundle of blood vessels in his brain that may rupture at any time.

    The stock that Jake, Bob, and Reggie ended up getting stuck with went up a few points, and they decided to sell. They found that it was too nerve-wracking. Bob apparently hasn't gotten any sleep since getting involved in the stock market. After commission, each person profits $17.50. While not a big profit, Bob is pleased with it, and he's off to the casino.

    Reggie then discovers that the company Bob wanted to buy, the one with the iMax movie about Jesus, was bought by Disney, sending that stock's price up by 20 points. Reggie said that Bob would be really mad to find this out. Jake says that he'll go try to catch up to him. I loved this scene.

    Meanwhile, John and the priest are at the hospital waiting for the man to get out of surgery. John asked the surgeon to page him when the surgery is done. While waiting for news, they try to engage in small talk, but no matter what they talk about, it ends in a conflict.

    Eventually, John's pager goes off, he then calls the surgeon, and finds that the surgery went well. The priest then tells John that the man wasn't just a member of his church, but actually his brother. John is blown away by this, and apologizes for being so blunt about things.

    This was a very heart-felt ending, in my opinion, and was one of my favorite episodes. The stock market subplot kept some of the comedy going.