Season 2 Episode 3

Cyrano De-Beckerac

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 1999 on CBS

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  • John tries to prove to Reggie that he knows more about women than she gives him credit for.

    John is sitting down with Jake, complaining about perfume samples in magazines. Reggie comes out of the back of the diner with a book in her hands. She's taken John's advice to go to college. When she hears Jake and John talking about women, Reggie can't help but get into the conversation, since she doesn't agree with what they're saying.

    At work, Linda tries to sneak into work. She woke up in a place she wasn't familiar with, so Margaret suggests that she stop partying and do some volunteer work.

    John goes in to see a patient of his who ha taking his girlfriend out on a date, so John gives him some advice for the date.

    Linda tells Margaret that she's going to get involved in charities now. She's now being a Big Sister. Maureen, the girl Linda is spending time with, stops by, but she seems to have a real attitude problem.

    John comes into the diner and asks Jake how things are going. Jake tells him he's decided against the night in with his girlfriend, and will instead get her jewelry. Reggie comes in and tells them that her new boyfriend, Doug took her to a restaurant for pizza, and proceeds to tell John how little he knows about women. What she doesn't know is Doug is John's patient, and the pizza was his suggestion, but John is just picking up on this, since he didn't know that Doug was going out with Reggie. He's now planning on using this as proof to Reggie that he knows more about women than she seems to think he does.

    Linda and Maureen walks into the office, and it turns out she's been helping Linda clean out her closet. She ends up asking for Linda's ATM card and PIN number, which she agrees to do. John goes into the doctor's office to see Doug, and offers some advice.

    John walks into the diner and buys a Newsweek from Jake, then walks over to the counter to hear Reggie talk about how good her date went. John's advice was perfect by the sound of it. Reggie proceeded to slam John for how little he knows about women.

    At the office, Maureen is waiting for Linda. John then comes in to see Doug, and offer more advice. John suggests a quick trip to Maine for a lobster dinner. Linda walks in because of a fire in the train station.

    John walks into the diner to see Jake is tending the diner. John asks Reggie how things went with Doug. She proceeds to tell him what happened, and Reggie tells him that it was terrible. She finally realized how all of the dates were all so planned out and calculating. She then goes to the back of the diner, and John leaves, pissed that he was wrong. Reggie then comes out and tells Jake that the date was excellent. Doug told her that his doctor had been helping him with dating advice. Reggie now gets the best of both worlds, a great guy, and John gets to think he's wrong. She then goes to the back of the diner, and Jake makes his way over to his newspaper stand, when John all of a sudden pokes his head in, and exclaims "I WAS right!" He had been eavesdropping on the whole thing.

    This was one of my favorite episodes from the series. There was plenty of comedy, and I loved the writing. The subplot with Linda and Maureen was a little disappointing, however. I wish that went in another direction, or had a different subplot alltogether.
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