Season 6 Episode 2

Dates & Nuts

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2003 on CBS

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  • What was the best part of this episode?

    What was the best part of this episode?

    Hmm! Jake, doing drug testing, Chris begging Becker to take her out, Linda lecturing Margaret on relgion....or the Chinese family celebrating Grandpa's death.

    I'm voting for the Chinese family.

    Although, Ted Danson is the star, without Reggie and Bob to back him up...the show has turned to crap.

    Thank God! Linda is still around.
  • John and Chris plan their date while Jake tries to make a quick buck.

    Jake comes into the diner and complains to Chris about his lack of money. Hector comes in and tells Jake he can test drugs for drug companies, and he can make a quick buck there. John walks in and complains about Jake still being sad about Amanda leaving him and taking his things. Hector and Jake walk over to the other side of the diner to let John and Chris about when they're going to have their date. John insists he'll ask Chris out sometime, but not just yet. Hector leaves with Jake so they can go sign up for drug tests, as Jake really needs that money.

    Margaret walks into the office happy as can be, so Linda demands an explanation. Margaret tells her about how she got pulled over by the police and she flirted her way out of a ticket. Linda criticizes Margaret about her morality and admits she's thinking about becoming Jewish, as she's been looking for more meaning for her life. John comes in and walks a patient out, and is then confronted by Chris who wants to know when John's going to take her out. They go into his office and talk about going out tonight.

    Hector and Jake walk into the diner after signing up for the drug test. Hector tells Jake about the first set of drugs which have a long list of possible side effects, and it spooks Jake a little. Margaret and Linda come in for a quick bite and leave. All the while, Linda's criticizing Margaret about her morality. John then comes in and realizes he's forgotten about reserving a table at an Italian restaurant. John asks Jake about the pills and leaves when he hears about the money-making scheme with the pills.

    Later that day, Hector asks Jake if he's feeling okay after the second pill and he seems fine. John comes in to take Chris out. Jake wishes them well and notices his tongue isn't working properly. John gets a call from Margaret, who tells him about a patient who's been taken to the emergency room, so John tells Chris that they have to go there.

    At the hospital, John tells Chris to wait for him while he checks on his patient. Chris sits down and meets a family who is there because their grandfather is sick.

    Back at the diner, Jake's not feeling very well, but Hector tells him he'll be fine.

    At the hospital, Chris isn't doing a very good job with communication with the family, since they don't speak English very well.

    Back at the diner, Jake's feeling hot, so he takes off some clothes. Hector gets him to swallow another pill by placing one inside a piece of bread, much like a person would stick a pill into a dog's food.

    Back at the hospital, the family with the sick grandfather finds out that he died and they're happy about it. John tells Chris that it turns out that the patient just had gas and is fine now. They leave.

    Back at the diner, Jake's freezing, so Hector put a blanket around him to warm him up.

    The next day, at the diner, Linda reveals to Margaret that she's not going to be Jewish anymore because she can't eat bacon. Jake walks in and he looks terrible, so Hector takes him out to get him cleaned up. He also gives Jake the $500 he earned. John walks in and compliments Chris on the way she showed interest with the other family.

    This episode was a bit silly. I wasn't a big fan of any of the story lines, although I loved the scene which had Hector putting a pill into Jake's bread so he'd swallow the pill.