Season 6 Episode 2

Dates & Nuts

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2003 on CBS



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    • Jake: I need some money.
      Hector: Money? My specialty. How much?
      Jake: $1000.
      Hector: Boy you're screwed!

    • Jake: Hector, are you hot?
      Hector: Well, I've been told that I have a boyish charm.
      Jake: No. Hot, hot.

    • Becker: If you get hungry there's a vending machine around the corner. You got money?
      Chris: Yeah!
      Becker: Good.

    • Jake: You should have told me that they gave physicals! They made me pee in a cup, and that's not easy for me.
      Hector: Quit your whining, you got it eventually.

    • Margaret: You won't believe what's going on with Linda.
      Becker: Arrested? She's President? I hate this game.

    • Linda (to Margaret): I'm trying to join a new religion. The Baptists are very friendly, but they don't believe in air conditioning. The Catholics are occupied and they don't give me the attention I need, so I'm leaning towards Judaism.

    • (Jake is on the phone with his credit company)
      Jake: Well, is it fraud? Yes, I said she could use it. Yes, I gave her the card. She told me she loved me!

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