Season 5 Episode 22

Daytime Believer

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 20, 2003 on CBS

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  • John has more dreams about Chris.

    John's at home, watching television when Chris comes over. John gets up and answers the door, and Chris kisses him. We then see John waking up, wondering what the heck he was dreaming about.

    At the office, John walks out a patient of his, Mr. Pearson, who has a rash from a camping trip. Linda comes in, late as usual, and tells Margaret she's late because of a hot dog cart hitting her cab. It seems Linda's had a run of bad luck lately. Margaret walks into John's office to ask John for some insurance forms. John tells Margaret all about his dreams about Chris, so slaps a nicotine patch on his arm, since she thinks he needs some nicotine.

    John walks into the diner and starts to day dream about Chris kissing him. Bob then asks him to look at a sore in his mouth. Jake comes over and asks him to take a look at something under his pants, and Chris complains about a pain in her stomach. This of course grosses John out, and then he day dreams about kissing Chris again, so he leaves.

    At home, John answers the door, and it's Chris again. They kiss, and when she strips her shirt off, John wakes up, screaming.

    A woman walks into the office and complains to John about something, so Margaret tells her to go to one of the rooms. Linda comes in, tired from walking. She's worried about being killed because of her bad luck. Margaret notices Linda's got a pimple on her face, and Linda gets happy since this is the third bad thing that has happened to her, and since bad things come in threes, she feels her run of bad luck is over. Margaret goes back to see John and tells him about the woman who came in. John reveals his dreams about Chris are still happening.

    John walks into the diner and spills the beans about his dreams to Jake. John's upset about him still having feelings for Chris, but she's moved on. Bob walks in and is curious about what they've been talking about, so John tells him about his dreams about Chris. Bob offers up some ridiculous advice, calls John a loser, and then walks out.

    Back at his apartment, John's awaken by a knock at the door. It's Chris again, and John's a little concerned about this being another dream. Instead of kissing him, Chris throws up all over John's shoes.

    At the hospital, John's standing next to Chris, who's in a bed. She feels bad about throwing up on John's carpet. John apologizes for not helping her earlier when she complained about the stomach aches. After leaving to get a pillow, John comes back with a blanket for Chris, and she tells John that she loves him. John ends up realizing Chris is doped up on Demerol, so she doesn't mean what she's saying.

    This was a pretty silly episode, and the ending was the best part of it.