Season 5 Episode 2

Do the Right Thing

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 13, 2002 on CBS

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  • John tries to convince Chris he did the right thing.

    The show begins with a look back at the events from the previous couple of episodes.

    At the diner, Jake is sitting down, when Bob comes out with a load of bread that seems to have been sitting around for a while. Bob decides to serve John some coffee when he comes in. It's old coffee, which Reggie made before she left. Jake reveals that Reggie called her, and she and some of her friends will be touring Europe. Bob asks about how things went with he and Chris last night, so John tells he and Jake about it. Chris comes in, and John has to bring up what happened at the restaurant. They get into the discussion they had last night, about when John decided, and when he decided. Even with the help of Jake and Bob, John's not able to make any progress with starting a relationship with Chris.

    A man walks into the office, and thanks Margaret for the advice she gave him, but Margaret never met the man. He then asks Margaret to schedule an appointment for tomorrow, but Margaret can't since she doesn't even know his name. Linda asks John about his date with Chris, but John thinks Linda already knows about what happened, so he doesn't want to tell the story. Linda ends up thinking John's got sexual problems.

    At the diner, Jake complains to Bob about how his business is in the toilet since Reggie left. John comes in for coffee, and quickly leaves when he's told Chris was just in. Jake and Bob decide to leave the city, and possibly go to France and Greece.

    Chris comes into the office, and it seems John called, posing as Margaret, just to get Chris to come down to the office. John finishes up with a young patient, and comes out to see Chris. John tries to get Linda to help him prove that John wanted to be with Chris before John slept with Reggie, but he doesn't get anywhere, only making things worse, so Chris leaves.

    The next day, Margaret and Linda talk about the man, who's expected soon. They still don't know what the man's name is. When he comes in, Margaret tries to get the guy's name, but isn't able to. Margaret goes in to see John, and she says that she has no idea who he is. John thinks she's crazy, but when he walks in to see the patient, he has no idea who he is. He asks him to remove his clothes, and then walks out to see Linda and Margaret. John goes back in and sees the man, naked, and realizes who it is, Jim Cavanaugh. He seems to have a distinguishing feature on his body.

    A few minutes later, John speaks to Margaret about the patient, and tells her the man's name. Margaret informs John that Chris is changing doctors, which upsets John. He thinks she's being petty.

    Jake and Bob arrive at the station for tickets, but get upset and leave when they are told they won't be given free peanuts. They end up going in opposite directions, since Bob doesn't help escort Jake away.

    John walks into the doctor's office to see Chris. He suggests he's also there to see the doctor, but he doesn't know that the doctor is a gynecologist. John tries to get Chris to realize that he was telling the truth. Eventually, she is made to believe him, but she gets upset when he asks her to apologize throwing water and wine in his face. Instead of apologizing, she runs him out of the office, and is applauded by all of the other women in the doctor's office.

    I enjoyed this episode, particularly the last scene, and the scene at John's office, when he finds out the patient's name.
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