Season 4 Episode 4

Dog Days

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2001 on CBS

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  • A con artist.

    Although one could see the ending coming from a mile away, this was still a very enjoyable of Becker. Getting the opportunity to watch these installments again through Universal HD is awesome, and I hope this show gets another syndication deal somewhere down the line as it is too good to only be on USA Network at 6 in the morning.

    I think performance of the night goes to Bob, who in addition to stealing Jake's money he also pretended to be both blind and deaf. Of course John Becker was hilarious, and even Linda and Margaret had their moments. All in all a good episode.
  • Con artist...and dogs.

    I liked the aspect of the con artist...since it is New York of course. They all get conned over and over again by this guy's lies, because they are so gullible, or probably because it's a show and it's in the script.

    Margaret, tends to a dog, until she quits after realizing she was only demeaning herself.

    Overall, an average episode.
  • The guys at the diner deal with a con man, while Margaret looks for another job.

    At the diner, Reggie is telling Bob how much she wants to see a new Julia Roberts movie. A guy comes in complaining about just being robbed, so Reggie hands him $10. When John comes in, he calls the guy out, since he apparently saw the guy doing the same thing the other day at a different diner. The guy admits he's lying, but comes up with another reason, so they all give him money to help him on his way. John thinks he's just a con man, and Bob can't help imagine how much money a guy could make doing that full-time.

    At the office, Margaret is on the phone, pleading to the cable company to keep the cable on. It seems Margaret's late on her payments, and all of her bills because Lewis is still out of work. Linda asks if she can leave early, but Margaret has to leave early for a part-time job interview. John comes in and warns Linda and Margaret about some guy who is conning people out of money.

    John and Jake are walking down the street when they notice the guy who asked for money, coming out of a liquor store. He tells John that it's razors and that sort of thing. He then admits to John some lies, and tells John about how he's sick. It seems he's got a pretty serious heart problem, so John tries to help him out.

    Margaret is over at a woman's house, where Margaret is applying for a job. She has to care for a little dog, not for a person, much to her surprise. Margaret's about to leave, not interested in the job, when she decides to stay after she is told she'll be paid $600 a week.

    At the office, Linda is on the phone when a woman comes in with an emergency, but Linda would rather talk on the phone. John comes out and brings in the man who was begging for money. Margaret comes in with the dog, Wally, in a baby carrier, strapped to her chest. Margaret is called in by John and tells her that she's not to charge the man for the medical checks. Reggie comes in with some sausages and newspapers.

    Out on the street, Bob is begging for money, but it's not going so well. Margaret comes by and yells at him for begging for money.

    At Wally's place, Margaret is talking to Lewis on the phone. A man comes in with dinner for Wally, but when Margaret realizes the food is better than what she eats, she tries some of it. When the woman who hired her sees her eating Wally's food, she makes Margaret apologize to Wally, but Margaret refuses to lower herself to doing that. The woman's father awakes and tells her off. He offers to pay Margaret $700 a week to look after her, but he seems a bit "grabby", if you know what I mean.

    At the diner, Reggie serves up some food to Marty, the man who was sick. John comes in and yells at the guy. He's not sick after all. It seems the medical problem he said he had, his mother had, and this way, he got a free physical. They all decide to give him a few bucks when he confesses to being a bum. When Marty leaves, he gets a cab and asks to go to the racetrack.

    This wasn't one of my favorite episodes of Becker, as a lot of it just wasn't interesting.