Season 3 Episode 9

Dr. Angry Head

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 11, 2000 on CBS

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  • John gets injured on Christmas, unable to move.

    John comes into the diner, yelling at some woman outside. It's Christmas time and Bob and Jake, like John aren't too thrilled. Usually, Jake's not so down on the holiday, but because his aunt didn't invite him on her trip, he's not quite himself. Reggie is happy, however, as she recently found an old Christmas tree ornament from when she was a kid. When she hangs it on her tree in the diner, the tree tips over, crushing the ornament.

    John comes into the office to see what patients he has. Linda compliments Margaret for her clothes, but Margaret knows she wants something. It seems Linda told her parents that Linda was the office manager, and asks Margaret if they can switch jobs for the day when her parents come in to see her. Margaret agrees to help her out.

    At the diner, Bob is looking through the mail and is upset none of the tenants have sent him a card with money in it. Sara, from the bakery comes in and says she's been busy with all of the customers there. She asks Reggie if she can hang a flier for the toy drive in the window, but Reggie says she'll be running her own toy drive. It's time for Reggie to try and crush her like a bug.

    Still at the diner, Reggie was able to fix the ornament, when Margaret tells John he has to go give an elderly patient a flu shot. Margaret and Linda go over some things Linda has asked her to say when Linda's parents are in town. Bob comes in with a box of toys for the kids. Bob stole them all from the tenants.

    John is walking through the store, trying to get to his car when he sees a Christmas ornament that looks like the one Reggie broke, so he tries to take it when a man asks him what he's doing. He won't sell John the ornament, but he insists it's not for sale. When the man walks away, John goes back to the tree to grab the ornament, but injures his back in the process.

    Stuck in the Christmas display, John's just wiggling around. The man then decides to try to hide John in the display by covering him with fake snow.

    At the diner, Reggie and Jake are counting toys, but Bob comes in saying Sara has six times she does. Reggie is too wrapped up in beating with Sara.

    Back at the Christmas display, no one's helped him out.

    At the office, Linda comes in, dressed up nicely, all set for her parents. Linda's mom calls and says she won't be coming to see her. Margaret tries to cheer her up by inviting her to dinner with her and her husband, but she's not interested.

    Back at the store, John's asking where the paramedics are, but the man who was supposed to call them isn't interested.

    Jake comes in with two toys people gave him, after Reggie put a sign on his back, asking for toys. Bob comes in and says the bakery burned down, losing all of the toys, which cheers up Reggie.

    Still stuck in the Christmas display, John's able to unplug the display. Linda comes by and sees John lying there, and offers to help. They then talk about how Linda's day went. John tries to cheer her up, but the man who was supposed to help John comes over and plugs in the Christmas display, and decides to sell the ornament John wanted for Reggie to Linda.

    This episode was rather average. It seemed hit-or-miss with the humor, and overall just wasn't as funny as many of the other episodes.