Season 3 Episode 9

Dr. Angry Head

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 11, 2000 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • If Reggie's ornament was one of a kind and hand-painted, how come the store's display tree had one of those?

    • The lyrics to the Christmas music that annoys Becker:

      Christmas is a time for sharing/Christmas is a time for caring/If you believe in Christmas things,/You'll know the joy that Christmas brings."

  • Quotes

    • Sara: I've collected the most toys. Seven years in a row.
      Reggie: I know, you told me… Seven years in a row.

    • Jake: Since when did you get involved in the toy drive?
      Reggie: Since I decided that my sole purpose in life is to crush her like a bug.

    • Reggie: It's an angel blowing a trumpet.
      Becker: Looks more like Liberace drinking a martini.

    • Jake: Merry Christmas, or should I just go screw myself?
      Becker: No, relax, I've reached a non-aggression pact with the holidays.

    • Becker (On his way into the diner): Oh, come on, lady, a santa suit on a poodle?!?!? That just demeans the dog and you! Mostly you! The least you could do is pick up his little presents!

    • Becker: I hate Christmas.

    • Kid: (pointing to Becker in the store's display) Mommy, I don't like that scary toy. That mean Mr. Angry Head!
      Becker: It's Doctor Angry Head!

    • John (to Linda): You're old enough to realize how much holidays suck.

    • Reggie: Can you give kids used toys?
      Bob: Reg, they're orphans. If they don't mind used parents, they're not gonna mind used toys.

    • John Becker: Look, Santa, the traditional greeting is "Ho ho ho." If a pretty girl walks by and you just say "ho," she has every right to deck you.

    • Linda: Hey, Margaret, did I mention that outfit looks really great on you?
      Margaret: What do you want, Linda?
      Linda: You're right, that was an obvious lie.

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