Season 1 Episode 20

Drive, They Said

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 03, 1999 on CBS

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  • John wants to go to a baseball game, but ends up in an accident and acting as a chauffeur.

    At the office, John tells a patient of his, Jimmy, that he's got a massive ulcer in his stomach, and it's time to change his diet. The guy is apparently a scalper, who doesn't ever pay his bills, so he tries to pay John off with tickets to musicals and sporting events, but John's not interested.

    At the office, Linda says she notices someone she met, posted a message in the singles section of the paper, but Margaret wants her to get back to work. John walks Jimmy out, and asks for two tickets to the Mets/Cardinals game, right behind home plate. John is asked by Margaret to take drive her somewhere since she doesn't want to take a large cake with her on the train.

    John comes in to the diner and asks Reggie for a well-done burger, but they get into a discussion on burgers and how well-done they should be. John invites Jake to go to the game with him, but he has to go see his grandmother. Jake then asks him to give him a ride, which he reluctantly does. Reggie then invites herself to go to the baseball game with him, which he agrees to.

    At the office, it's 6 o'clock, and it's time to go. The cake Margaret has is huge, and she'll have to put it on her lap since John's trunk won't open up. Linda then asks if she can get a ride to meet her date, which he agrees to.

    John, Reggie, Jake, Linda, and Margaret are in the car, but it's not starting right off the bat. When John is finally able to get it going, they leave and a guy cuts right in front of John, so he speeds up to see his license plate number. Unfortunately, he ends up rear-ending the guy. They get out and yell at one another. After a few minutes, the man says he's having some pains in his chest and sits down on the curb. Luckily, John's a doctor, so he checks his pulse, which is week. Margaret comes over and says he's losing color, so they take him to a nearby hospital.

    At the hospital, John is concerned because the doctor doesn't seem to be eager to run all of the tests John thinks he should run. John thinks something isn't right, so waits there. He decides to give the keys to Margaret and let her drive. John goes back to see the man who explains his pain. John and the doctor get in a discussion about the man's condition. John thinks it may be a problem with his aorta, and the doctor should order an emergency CAT scan to see, but the doctor thinks it's likely a muscle spasm because of the accident. He asks John to leave since the man isn't John's patient.

    In the other room, Margaret and everyone have decided to stay at the hospital. Reggie is watching the baseball game, where the game has apparently been quite exciting, with Mark McGwire hitting three home runs, something John would have loved to have seen. Reggie and a doctor hit on one another when Reggie fakes her interest and love for baseball, using lines John used earlier in the episode.

    Having had enough waiting around, John decides to leave, and take everyone home. Just as they're leaving, the resident doctor comes in and tells John that his hunch was right, and John offers him a little advice, since he was once in his shoes.

    Back in the car, John complains to Reggie about missing the baseball game. He's giving Reggie and her date, the doctor she met at the hospital to a sports bar.

    The episode suffered from a lack of great comedy. Sure there were a few funny moments, but there weren't any hilarious moments. I liked the plot with the man having health problems. I expected it to go where it did, but it was still interesting.
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