Season 3 Episode 16

Elder Hostile

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 2001 on CBS

Episode Recap

At the diner, Jake asks John if he could treat his grandmother, since her doctor passed away. Bob comes in with his old yearbook, and asks Reggie to sign his.

At the office, Linda is chatting with a little kid, while eating a sucker. Margaret chews Linda out for not doing work. Jake comes in with his grandmother and Margaret helps her to the back for some tests.

John comes in to see Jake's grandmother, who is waiting for him. She insists that she has a heart murmur, but when John tries to find it, he can't. She wants John to give her a B-12 shot, since her doctor used to, but John won't, since won't do her any good.

John walks into the diner, looking for Jake, but he's not there, so he complains to Reggie about being slapped by Jake's grandmother. Bob comes in and asks Reggie if she signed the yearbook yet, but she hasn't. Jake comes in and yells at John about being rude. Jake asks that John apologize to her, but John refuses, since he didn't do anything wrong.

Linda and her young friend come into the office, an hour late. According to Margaret, the little boy thinks Linda is his girlfriend.

At the diner, Margaret talks to Reggie about high school, and how much of a joke Reggie is, considering the fact she was voted the most likely to succeed. John comes in, yelling at a man, who threw is artificial limb at him, so he kept it. John and Jake discuss the problem with Jake's grandmother. As John leaves, Lina and her "boyfriend" come in, and Linda decides to "break up" with him, since it's a little silly.

Back at John's private office, he walks in to see Jake's grandmother looking at someone's file. John tries to get her to accept the idea that just maybe her heart murmur went away.

Late at night, John comes into the diner and Jake thanks him for apologizing to his grandmother. John asks Jake where Reggie is, she's in the back. She comes out wearing a pink dress from the high school home coming dance. Bob then comes in and sees her in that dress. Bob decides to get a camera from Jake's newspaper stand, and have a photo taken with Reggie, the home coming queen.