Season 4 Episode 24

Everybody Loves Becker (2)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 20, 2002 on CBS

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  • I never thought I'd see the day....Becker has two women chasing him.

    Reggie wants Becker, Becker wants Chris, Chris wants Becker...and no surprise there - Bob wants Chris. It was simple a roller coaster of a season finale.

    Margaret gets very drunk after a night out with Linda....she should have known better.

    After four years on the show the writers should have found a much better way to exit Teri Farell(Reggie).

    Although I was sad to see Reggie leave, it was a nice way to wrap up the season.
  • What's going on with John, Chris, and Reggie?

    The show begins with a look back at the events from the previous couple of episodes.

    John walks into the diner to speak to Reggie about last night. John thinks Reggie was drunk. Chris comes in and is happy about having a good time. She says she found some of her old racket ball equipment, and asks if anyone would like to play with her. Jake and Reggie aren't interested, but when Bob walks in, he volunteers, despite that fact that he's got no idea what it is.

    At the office, Linda is on the phone with her friend, Julie. They're planning on going to go to a party. When Linda asks about what Margaret is planning, she hugs her, and decides to invite her out with them. Bob brings Chris into the office, and it seems Chris hurt her knee, so John helps her to the back. Linda and Margaret leave to go party. In the other room, John's tending to Chris, who's telling him about the last time she popped her knee out of socket. John is able to pop it back in, without a problem.

    At the diner, John's talking to Jake about he and Chris. Reggie pops up when John leaves and asks about Chris and John. Reggie seems jealous about the two of them. Bob comes in and he's interested in Chris, and he asks Jake about it, but before he can answer, Bob leaves to go ask Chris out.

    John walks into the office to see Chris, who's sitting down. Just as they're about to kiss, John wakes up; it was all a big dream.

    The next morning at the office, Linda notices how John's not looking very good. He had a pretty bad night. Linda leaves John along and tries to wake up Margaret, who's sleeping on one of the beds.

    John walks into the diner, and he complains to Jake about his dream. Reggie pops up again, and complains about the things he told John. Bob walks in and complains about how he asked Chris out, and she broke down into tears.

    Back at the office, Margaret's pretty sluggish. John comes in and asks Margaret about things at the office, and then walks into his office and finds Chris sitting there. She's having problems with her neck, so John asks her to leave, and offers suggestions for new doctors.

    A bit later, in the office, Margaret thanks Linda for helping her with things.

    Chris walks into John's apartment, and she asks if the reason he doesn't want to treat her is because he likes her, so she suggests that they go out, and see what happens. John asks her why she's so happy all the time, and asks her to give him a list of things she hates, and she asks John for a similar list, but for things he loves. They end up kissing, and Chris leaves, frustrating John.

    John walks into the diner, but it's locked, so Reggie unlocks the door to let him in. He's just there to get some cigarettes, but Reggie's interested in talking, so John tells him about what happened with he and Chris. To complicate things, Reggie kisses him.

    This was a very good cliffhanger, and I liked John's reaction to the whole thing. Reggie certainly did complicate things.