Season 2 Episode 18

For Whom the Toll Calls

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 28, 2000 on CBS

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  • Two great episodes in a row! Back to the old Becker.

    This episode was really funny. I liked how all the illusions to Becker's previous "principle" argument actually led somewhere. The twist at the end where we find out that the man in the wheelchair was really putting the Chico charge on Becker's phone just to make him angry was great! The Bob subplot, as anything with Bob is, was dumb and pointless. No one like Linda who would actually tolerate him really exists in this world. And tell me again how someone actually MARRIED him! The whole thing about Reggie not being invited to the wedding was also pretty boring. Did she and Jake really go to the same high school? Because they made it seem like that. The Becker-storyline was the only really good part but it made up for the rest of the episode.
  • John's bugged by the phone company when he doesn't pay for a call he didn't make.

    John comes out of his office complaining about the phone bill, and asks Linda and Margaret if they made the phone call, which they both deny doing. He decides to call the phone company and complain about it. Margaret suggests to John that he doesn't have the people skills and won't get anywhere with them. He calls them, and is told by a woman that they'll credit his account. Pleased with this, John had to say something to Margaret about it. Three weeks later, John comes out with the phone bill again, and the call they were supposed to remove from the bill, is still there, on the new bill. So much for that.

    Still at the office, John's complaining to Margaret about the stupid phone company, but Margaret tells him again to just pay the money.

    At the diner, Reggie is cleaning the tables when Jake asks her what she's wearing to a friends' wedding, but backs away when Reggie tells him that she wasn't invited. Bob then comes in, saying he's a new man. Linda comes in to talk to Bob, who is busy listening to some advice tips.

    At the office, John is on the phone with the phone company. She suggests to John to call the number in question and see if he forgot about call, which John does, but he's only able to talk to a child.

    At the diner, Bob comes in and says he was invited to the wedding as well. John then comes in and complains about the phone company again.

    At the office, Linda shows Margaret a silver money clip she bought for Bob, who she doesn't seem to be able to get rid of. Mr. Fuller comes in and asks if he can his medical tests from John. They then chat about him getting a new assistant for his office, which makes Linda think of Bob.

    John and Margaret are busy talking about the phone company and the incident at the store years ago. Margaret tells him again to pay the phone company, but John insists that he's going to go down to the phone company.

    At the diner, Reggie tells Jake that after some calls, she's found out she's the only one who wasn't invited to the wedding. Jake tells her about who she is marrying, and Reggie tells him that it's obvious why she didn't invite her, she slept with the guy her friend is marrying. Mr. Fuller and Linda come in and wait for Bob, who comes in a minute later. Mr. Fuller asks Bob if he's interested in the job, but Bob demands far too much money and too many perks, which really pisses off Linda, as she wants him out of her penthouse.

    At the phone company, John comes in to complain about the phone call. She decides to get her manager, who happens to be the guy John got in a fight with a few years ago. After an argument, he leaves, and the man admits to the woman behind the desk that he put that call on his bill.

    The end of this was very funny. Much of this is the typical Becker, which is great!