Season 4 Episode 6

Get Me Out of Here

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 2001 on CBS

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  • Becker is Claustophobic!

    Becker hurts his shoulder at the office and when he has to take a MRI, he reveals his inner self........he afraid of small spaces.

    After he finally boggles down and does the MRI, Becker asks Reggie drive him home and she gets a personal strip tease for her kindness. Although, Becker was drugged when he did it....Reg still remembers.

    Linda dates the Sklar twins without them knowing that she is creating her perfect man between the personal qualities each other felt.

    Overall, another great installment.
  • John's scared of an MRI?

    John walks in, late. Margaret tells him his office is full of patients. Linda then walks in, late of course. John is asked to lift a big water bottle, and he hurts his shoulder doing so.

    Ricky and Donny walk in after a minute, and Linda isn't really into them as much anymore, but agrees to go to dinner with them.

    Jake's sitting at his newsstand, hoping the phone won't ring, but it does. His girlfriend has been calling every few minutes. Bob pokes a little fun at Jake.

    John walks into the restaurant, and complains about his shoulder.

    John goes to the hospital to get his MRI, but is a little scared because the MRI machine is so small. He ends up chickening out, because of claustrophobia.

    Ricky and Donny walk in to get a new insurance form because they lost it. Linda has a problem with the computer, and Ricky and Donny say that they can get her a new one, but not today. Margaret asks Linda about the date she went on. Linda has come to the realization that the two of them combined make for the perfect guy, so she plans to keep seeing them. John comes in to the office, and Margaret makes fun of him because chickening out at the hospital.

    John goes back for the MRI. John still isn't able to go through with it. The doctor has him all the way in the machine and he chickened out again.

    At the office, Margaret talks to Linda about the date she went on. Margaret thinks the whole thing is weird.

    At the restaurant, Bob, Jake, and Reggie are talking about the problem with Jake's girlfriend calling all the time. John then walks in and gets made fun of because of the MRI.

    Reggie brings John back to his appartment. He took a Valium because of the problem with the MRI, so he's a little out of it. John ends up telling how beautiful Reggie is, but ends up criticising her cooking at the restaurant. He ends up stripping naked right in front of her. Reggie just can't believe it.

    Back at the restaurant, Jake reveals that he told Amanda to stop calling him, and she's not called since. Linda walks in to talk to Ricky and Donny. They want her to choose one or the other.

    John then walks in and orders a danish. He asks about what happened last night in his apartment. Reggie tells him just the basics, which makes John relax. He thought more may have happened, since he was of course, naked. As Reggie is going to go to the kitchen area, she compliments him on his butt, which leaves John speechless.

    The main plot involving John being afraid of getting into the MRI machine was hilarious. It's very odd to think of a doctor having that sort of fear, but it made for good comedy afterall. The subplot with Ricky, Donny, and Linda was really silly. There's just something about Linda...
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