Season 4 Episode 7

Hanging with Jake

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2001 on CBS

Episode Recap

Jake, Linda, and John are walking down a sidewalk. John and Linda go into a store, leaving Jake by himself. It turns out he was standing on one of those elevators that shop owners use to move food and supplies to the basement. Jake gets lowered down somehow, and he finds a man who is preparing to hang himself.

Jake tells him he can't kill himself. Jake doesn't want to be stuck down their with a dead guy. Jake asks him to help him find his way home.

At the office, John asks Linda if Jake has called. Margaret comes in to ask John about someone's file, but John can't find it.

John goes in to see a patient of his, Chris. Chris can't seem to be able to get his wife pregnant.

At the restaurant, the guy brings Jake in to meet Reggie and Bob. Jake hopes to cheer Owen up by bringing him there. Owen suggests there's nothing they can say or do to help him out. It turns out that his fiance left him, for his own father. His father then fired him from the family business.

At the office, John is trying to find the box of chocolates a patient gave him. Margaret took them from John's office, and is sharing them with Linda.

In walks John's patient, Chris with his wife. They tell John, Linda, and Margaret that they don't need to hear the results of the fertility test, because she's pregnant. After they leave, John tells Linda and Margaret that he's seen the results, and Chris couldn't have been the one to get her pregnant.

Margaret goes in to see John. She can't believe she may have been cheating on her husband. Chris' wife came in to talk to John about the test. She admits to cheating on Chris.

At the restaurant, everyone is running out of things to convince Owen of not killing himself.

At the office, Margaret and Linda are fighting over the last piece of chocolate. John walks in and sees the chocolate left and he eats it. Margaret had squished it, and Linda had licked it.

Chris came back to see John, and apparently, his wife hadn't confessed to him yet.

Back at the restaurant, they're still trying to come up with ideas for Owen to live. Owen thinks these guys are living lives of happiness, but they reveal to him that their lives suck as well. Owen then leaves, and John comes in. They reveal to him what happened, and John takes a little shot at them.