Season 2 Episode 9

Hate Thy Neighbor

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 1999 on CBS

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  • Classic episode

    Becker is restricted to a weeks bed rest after being shot in the arm, but his very nosiy neighbours are not making that very easy. They are either having sex, playing the sax, have screaming kids etc etc.

    But, a postitive thing happens to John he mets Liz who for some reason is attracted to the man within.

    Overall, another classic episode.
  • John tries to heal after the shooting, but finds himself annoyed by everyone in his neighborhood.

    The show starts off with a quick look back at what happened in the previous episode.

    Jake watches the cab drive off, but then it stops. John tells the driver to go back. John gets out and pays the driver. He tells Jake that he's in a lot more pain than he thought he was.

    In the hospital, Margaret sneaks in a cigarette for John, but John gets caught by his doctor.

    At the office, a temporary doctor is holding things down for John, but he seems to talk to people like they're five years old, which makes for an odd time at the doctor's office.

    Even without a cigarette, he's still blowing smoke.

    At the hospital, John is yelling for help. Reggie comes in to pick him up and take him home.

    At the office, Linda and Margaret are discussing a new doctor. When he shows up, he's literally, speaking another language. Linda escorts him into John's office.

    At home, John is listening to two people having sex, so he bangs on the ceiling with a broom. There's then a knock at the door, it's a little girl selling cookies. Reggie drops by with some food, but John's busy yelling at people. John's doctor then stops by to check on him. Reggie and the doctor are left alone to chat for a minute, when the doctor seems to reveal that she's oddly attracted to John. When John comes out of the bathroom, Reggie leaves, and the doctor asks John if he likes her like she does him.

    Still at John's apartment, John's surprised about her question. He tells her that he finds her attractive as well. She suggests that maybe they have dinner sometime. Her beeper then goes off, so she has to leave.

    At the office, another temporary doctor is taking care of things. Margaret and Linda both seem to be very attracted to him.

    At John's apartment, Jake stops by with some music and food for John to use during John's date with his doctor. John then chews out his neighbors for their behavior, and Jake leaves.

    At the office, Linda is dressed sexy, since she's trying to pick up the new doctor. When the doctor leaves for the day, he's dressed up as a woman, which surprises Margaret and Linda, putting an end to her plans.

    At John's apartment, his doctor comes by for their dinner. While at the table, they engage in chit chat, when there's a knock at the door. John tells "Go Away!" John's neighbors stop by complaining about the notes he sent them, after Jake suggested he do that. This seems to put an end to the date, but the two of them end up kissing one another after John's neighbors leave.

    I enjoyed this episode quite a bit more than the previous one. There seemed to be more comedy in this one. I enjoyed the last scene quite a bit.