Season 2 Episode 7

He Said, She Said

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 1999 on CBS

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  • Just who can keep a secret?

    John stops by the front desk to get messages from Linda. John finds out that a friend of a friend is coming to town and wants to see John, which he doesn't think is a good thing, as a person like that only wants money or a favor. A patient then comes in because of problems with her allergies, but Margaret can't stand her since she borrowed money from Margaret three years ago and has never paid her back.

    At the diner, Jake and John are laughing, but they won't share the information with Reggie. John said she can't be trusted with a secret because she's a woman. A woman then stops by to see John. She's a friend of Chuck Turner. He asks how Chuck is doing, but they don't have time to discuss things, so they decide to have dinner.

    Margaret walks into the office after having lunch with the woman who didn't pay her back. John tells Linda that he's planning on leaving early. Nicky, the friend of Chucks, stops by to see John.

    At the diner, John and Jake are talking about Nicky, who doesn't complain about John so much. A man walks in and tells John that his car is being towed. As John runs out, Nicky comes in and asks Reggie if she can keep a secret. She reveals to Reggie that she had a sex change operation, and that she's Chuck. John walks in and asks if she's ready to go watch the Jets game.

    At the diner, Reggie thinking about telling Jake about the secret, but she's having problems keeping the secret in. Jake ends up guessing what the secret is, and Reggie runs to the back of the diner.

    At John's home, Nicky comes clean about the sex change operation, which shocks John. John ends up asking her to leave.

    At the office, Margaret doesn't want to deal with Maria when she notices her coming towards the office. When she comes in, Margaret asks her about the shoes she bought, and offers her to pay her the money back, but she insists not to, but when she leaves, Margaret gets upset because she wanted the money. Reggie then comes in with coffee for him. They end up discussing Nicky, and John flips out when he finds out that Reggie knew about it, and Jake does as well, since he guessed the secret. Reggie convinces him to go talk to Nikki.

    John drops by Nicky's hotel room and yells at her for the way it all happened. Nicky tells John that she had a difficult problem revealing things to her friends. John ends up being okay with it, as he learns that Nicky is finally happy with things.

    This episode was rather predictable, I have to admit. I could tell very early on what was going on, long before Nicky told Reggie her big secret. The show didn't have as much comedy as there usually is. It was more of a dramatic version of Becker.