Season 3 Episode 11

Heart Breaker

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 2001 on CBS

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  • John dates a younger woman, but his heart problems make him rethink it.

    John comes in and Linda gives him his list of patients. When a patient calls to schedule an appointment, Linda tries to put it off with excuses, as she has plans, and doesn't want to have to go to work and deal with patients. Darcy, a young, attractive woman comes in and asks Margaret to tell John that their date has been pushed back by a half-hour. Margaret is a bit surprised by how young she is, so he has to poke a little fun at John when he comes out, after all, she's half his age.

    Bob walks into the diner and tells Reggie she's in trouble. Some woman seems to have seen Reggie flirt with her boyfriend, but Reggie insists she didn't do anything. John comes in and asks for coffee. Reggie then jokes with John about her new girlfriend. This is payback time according to Reggie, after all the crap he gave her about her dating the college guy.

    At Ming's, John is having dinner with her date, but Bill is surprised she's so young. John and Darcy talk about their age difference, and neither of them have any problem with difference. When they start talking about going back to John's apartment, John starts to have chest pains, so he decides to call it an early night.

    At the diner, Margaret and Linda are talking about how little Linda does and asks to get out of work early. Bob comes in and tells Reggie that he's been trying to smooth things out with the other woman, but it seems to have back-fired. John comes in a little cranky after the way the night went. Jake said it's probably not anything to worry about.

    At Ming's, John and Darcy are getting ready to leave, so they talk about going back to her place and taking the relationship to the next step, when John gets chest pains again.

    At the office, Margaret tells Linda that she will be leaving early, for a pottery class. Margaret walks into John's office and John's checking his heart after all the problems with his chest pains. Margaret says it's obviously his mind telling his body not to date Darcy.

    John walks into the diner and gets made fun of Bob for his problems. Reggie then offers a psych analysis of John, but he doesn't want to hear it. When John leaves, Denise Shaw, the woman who has the problem with Reggie comes in to kick her butt, but Reggie obviously doesn't want any part in it. Denise reveals to Reggie that she made up the story about having the boyfriend, she just wants to get close to Bob, so Reggie offers her some advice for getting Bob.

    Out for dinner, John and Darcy are discussing John's health problems. John insists he won't have problems again. All of a sudden he gets the chest pains, and decides to break up with Darcie after all of the advice from Reggie and everyone else. Bill comes over and tells John that he fired his new cook, as he was putting in a lot of MSG, something John is allergic to, and was giving him the chest pains. In one of the booths, Darcy is having dinner with a distraught Bob - clearly he doesn't want to be there.

    I enjoyed this episode. The writing was good, and the plot was enjoyable.