Season 2 Episode 2

Imm-Oral Fixations

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 1999 on CBS

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  • John tries to quit smoking, which obviously doesn't go so well.

    John comes into the diner complaining about a news program which had a story about violence in America. When John finds that he's out of cigarettes, it further upsets him. Jake suggests that he quit smoking, but John doesn't want to. Reggie comes out of the back of the diner, talking on the phone to someone about getting a new motor for the freezer at the diner, because all of the food is spoiled, and her meat is all purple. After she hangs up, they get into a discussion on John's smoking, as well as an old friend of Reggie's. John asks them to leave him alone about the smoking. He asks another smoker if he feels the same way, but after hearing him speak, he decides to stop smoking.

    John walks into the office to announce to Linda and Margaret that he's quit smoking. Margaret isn't too thrilled about it because of the way John gets when he stops smoking. Linda, however, totally supports him. John goes in to see Mr. Ehrlich, who like in a previous episode, says everything hurts, but John tells him he's got the flu. The whole experience pisses off John.

    John runs into the diner and tries to get a cigarette, but they were thrown out. Reggie is on the phone complaining about the speed of delivery on the freezer motor. Reggie's old friend, Amanda comes in, which surprised Reggie. After discussing some things, they decide to go out to a club.

    They all end up going out to a bar where John is having a difficult time coping with the lack of cigarettes. It turns out Amanda stopped smoking two years ago, so she knows what he's going through. She goes on to stay that the only thing that helped her get through the stress was sex, so a few seconds later, we see Amanda and John in bed together.

    John walked into the office and tells Margaret he's still not had a cigarette. Margaret then tells him he's being audited, the x-ray machine is broken, and a patient's check has bounced.

    John wants to leave to have lunch, but Margaret says there's a patient scheduled, so he can't leave. It turns out to be an old woman who is extremely slow.

    John walks into the diner, but Jake stops him from getting cigarettes. Amanda then comes in, and there's a little bit of an awkward moment with she and John. Reggie then comes out of the back of the diner, yelling at someone on the phone. She tells Amanda that she can't go with her to lunch since she has to go to New Jersey to pick up the freezer motor. John and Amanda flirt a little, and then leave to go have sex.

    John then walks into the diner, and apologizes to Margaret for the way he acted this morning. She and Linda notice he's wearing different clothes and his hair is wet, so John confesses he's been having sex with an ex-model, but they think he's lying, and walk away.

    John walks in to the diner to see that Reggie has her new motor. Amanda then walks in and says she has to go back to Miami, and Reggie should visit her in Miami sometime. After Amanda leaves, Reggie says that she's jealous of Amanda, who has a much better life than Reggie does. John suggests to Reggie that she go to college.

    After a long discussion about smoking, Reggie goes to the back of the diner and John leaves. As he's going out, he dives through the window in between the inner and outer doors, and grabs a pack of cigarettes from Jake's newspaper stand.

    Overall, a funny episode throughout. The smoking plot went as I fugured it out. The stories about Reggie and her old friend, Amanda, offered some more information on Reggie's background.