Season 4 Episode 15

It Had to Be Ew

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 25, 2002 on CBS

Episode Recap

John comes into the diner for lunch, and asks for Tuna Melt. Jake says Amanda is doing well after their annulment. Amanda comes in and asks Jake if he can go with her to a concert tonight, but Jake doesn't want to go. Bob invites himself to go, but she's not interested in taking him, so she asks Reggie, but like Jake, she doesn't want to go. John says he'll go with her, and Amanda agrees to take him.

Linda walks into the office, late as usual. She notices another woman is in the office, and she thinks she's being replaced, but the new woman, Judy, is just there for a short time to help with the books. John comes in and says he's leaving early to go to the Neil Diamond concert. Margaret brings out an older man, who seems to be doing better than he thought.

John comes in the diner and says he had a good time at the concert. Amanda comes in and says how great of a time she had with him. She also reminded him to pick up his "concert goodies", t-shirts, and all of those sorts of things. Everyone else laughs, making John feel silly. Bob thinks that Amanda was flirting with John, but John thinks he's crazy.

John comes into the office and finds that Judy is doing a better job than Linda is, making Linda feel bad.

At Amanda's, John comes over to pick up the concert things. It seems Jake isn't there, just as Bob thought would happen. Amanda also says that she's about to have some wine, which continues to make John's imagination race. Amanda pours some wine and asks him to sit down next to him, but John is a bit uncomfortable. After what seems to be a little flirting, John confronts her about it, and the thought of her being attracted to him made her say "ewww!"

At the diner, John asks Jake about Amanda said. Jake leaves, and Bob wants John to tell him what happened, but John tells him that Amanda's not the least bit interested in him. When Reggie comes out, John asks Reggie to use the word "ewww" in a sentence, and it only reaffirms what Amanda meant.

At the office, Linda and Judy are talking about Judy's short time there. Linda tells Judy that Margaret drinks all day long. She also tells Judy that Dr. Becker is "Dr. Feelgood".

Later that day, John comes into the office, and Linda says how good it is to see her. John asks her if she thinks he's attractive. Linda says she can't be objective, and suggests he talk to Judy. Margaret comes in, and Linda gives her a new pair of shoes, heals, to be exact. Judy comes in and Linda tells her that Dr. Becker needs to speak to him. She goes in to see John, and runs out after feeling uncomfortable. Judy then sees Margaret stumbling, trying to wear the heals Linda gave her. Judy then says she's quitting, and runs out. Linda's plan has worked, and she's quite happy about it.

John walks into the diner, and is ignored by two women. John walks over to the counter and looks at himself, using the reflective surfaces of the napkin holders.

John goes over to Amanda's, and he confronts her about "ewww". Amanda tries to explain it by the fact it would be awkward, since Jake is a friend of John's. Jake comes in, and jokingly asks if he should be worried about John being there when Jake is out.