Season 4 Episode 3

Jake's Jaunt

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2001 on CBS

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  • Jake gets married?

    I loved this episode:

    Jake gets married to a perfect stranger, whom he met at the wedding, and the only thing they seem to have in they both love sex, and binge sex at that. They argue, then they have sex.

    Although they got the marriage annulled......they still remained a couple.
  • Almost ridiculous.

    John and Bob knock on the door of the diner, only to see Reggie come from downstairs in her pajamas and open the door. She was still in bed, she apparently overslept. As they sit down, Jake and a woman get up from behind his newspaper stand. They just got up from doing you know what. Everyone is shocked to hear that Jake has married the woman. They met at someone else's wedding and they hit it off.

    At the office, John has to deal with a woman who feels she has something wrong with her. Everytime she watches a newsreport which mentions some disease or other ailment, she feels that she has it. It's just driving John crazy.

    Reggie, Bob, and Margaret decide to split the price for a wedding gift, but they leave the gift-buying up to Bob, not such a good idea.

    At the office, John takes a look at a patient who has a broken hand/wrist. He injured it while transporting stolen goods. John ends up buying a knock-off of an expensive clock from the guy and his twin brother. The clock is for a wedding gift.

    John also has to deal with the woman who always feels she's sick. She apparently saw another newsprogram, and John really lets her have it, but later apologizes for being so harsh and suggests seeing a psychiatrist.

    Everyone was invited to a wedding party, and they all show up, but Jake and his wife get into a fight. John's gift ends up getting broken during the fight. Jake and his wife go into another room and eventually make up, and have sex, while everyone is still there. I forgot to mention that when people were giving out gifts, Bob said that their gift was the naming of a star after Jake and his wife. As everyone leaves, John is reminded about the broken clock, and that it should be fixable if it's taken back to the store. Since John didn't buy it at a store, he grabs it and leaves.

    John calls the twin brothers in and asks them for another clock, but they're all out. Their "supplier" is "out of town" for 3-5 years. John ends up having to actually buy the real thing at a store.

    John gives Jake the new clock, and later finds out that Jake and his wife have decided to get an annulment. John then says that they were wrong for another, but then Jake says that they're still going to stay with one-another, they just won't be married. This makes for a rather awkward moment, and leaves Jake upset at John.

    John later makes up with Jake, and everything is fine. John eventually gets the clock back since Jake's not married anymore. How he gets it back was pretty funny.

    I rather enjoyed the episode. Jake and his wife argued and made up constantly throughout the episode. It got to the point where it was ridiculous, but the writing elsewhere made up for it.
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